Cross-Guard launches premium aluminium cold aisle for data centre cooling

As a leading provider of security and cooling solutions to the data centre industry, Cross-Guard continues to adapt to changing market demands to deliver products clients can trust in. The company provides a wide range of products and services, including: bespoke security cages, hot and cold aisle containment, server safes, modular secure walling and retractable security grilles.

What is cold aisle containment?

Cold aisle containment restricts the loss of cold air and prevents cold air mixing with hot exhaust air. The product consists of secure doors and roofing that can be retrofitted to any type of cabinet. To set up the system, server and network cabinets are lined up in alternating rows with cold intakes and hot air exhausts facing in opposite directions.

There are a variety of different roofing options available with cold aisle containment. A collapsible roof system can be used in data halls with sprinklers or fire suppression systems where the roof panels will release if the building reaches dangerous temperature levels due to a fire. Alternatively, active roof panels can be installed overhead and triggered to open automatically by linking them with the fire suppression system.

Benefits of cold aisle containment include: optimised energy efficiency and extended IT equipment life, cost savings, improved power usage effectiveness, favourable return on investment, and lower carbon emissions. Whatever the size of the data centre, obtaining the right cooling solution is important for ensuring enough ventilation is supplied to keep all equipment within a desired temperature range.

Example of our existing cold aisle containment

Development of the aluminium cold aisle

This March, the team at Cross-Guard will be launching a new aluminium cold aisle solution, which will combine all the existing benefits of the steel cold aisle with further advantages. The launch follows client requirements for an aluminium alternative to the steel cold aisle.

Creation of the first aluminium cold aisle prototype has been successful, resulting in positive client feedback. The company is now in the final stages of refining the product to ensure it delivers exceptional value to clients and is unique to the market.

What are the benefits of aluminium cold aisle for data centre cooling compared to steel cold aisle?

Aluminium presents an attractive option when compared to steel. In combination with an aesthetically pleasing appearance, the aluminium cold aisle will be much lighter, making it easier to install and assemble.

Cross-Guard clients who are interested in the aluminium cold aisle can benefit from installation times being reduced by at least 50% when compared to the steel cold aisle alternative. The process is hassle-free, allowing clients to go about their business with minimal disruption.

The aluminium cold aisle has been developed with quality in mind and will help data centre managers offer their customers a data centre space that looks professional and distinctive. Features include uniquely designed handles and linear bearings that allow a smoother and quieter close for the doors.

When will the aluminium cold aisle be launching?

For anyone attending the Data Centre World exhibition on 12-13 March, Excel London, Cross-Guard’s launch of the aluminium cold aisle will take place on the company’s stand – D260. To celebrate, the company will be running a competition on stand where you can provide your business card for the chance to win a luxury car care pack.

What other solutions does Cross-Guard offer for data centre cooling?

Cross-Guard does offer hot aisle containment as an alternative to cold aisle. Hot aisle containment works by creating a separate pathway for exhaust air to extract it back into the ACU intake. Depending on the layout of the data centre, there is the possibility to re-use hot air in the building heating system.

Clients may be interested in the other products and services Cross-Guard offers, such as the modular Connexions cages for data centre protection or certified Extendor cages. Security cages are manufactured and installed bespoke to client requirements. A range of server safes are also available. As the strongest self-ventilating server safe on the market, the Ventis is a popular choice. If you’d like to know more about Cross-Guard’s aluminium cold aisle containment, or to discuss another product or service you require, please get in touch with the sales team on 01724 709710 or drop us an email to


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