Cross-Guard further invests in steel cold aisle containment

As a leading supplier of hot and cold aisle containment solutions, Cross-Guard is constantly improving these systems to ensure maximum return on investment, energy efficiency, and style. We understand that aesthetics matter too, and that you want an aisle containment solution that looks the part, enhancing the image of your data centre. You may have read a lot of our previous articles on upgrades we made to our aluminium cold aisle containment as a lighter and more flexible alternative to our existing steel system. This particular article is dedicated to changes we’ve now made to our steel cold aisle system.

What changes have the Cross-Guard Engineering team made to our steel cold aisle containment system?

The changes to our steel cold aisle containment are still ongoing, but our Engineering team have been hard at work the last few months further enhancing and improving this cold aisle product. The steel cold aisle system has been re-designed to be more efficient, sleeker in operation, and even easier to install, with the added benefit of a clean, professional finish.

Initial stages of the project involved creating detailed concept overviews, outlining individual components of the frame. This enabled the creation of specification sheets that we’ll soon be making available to you as a website download to provide crucial information you may need when considering our cold aisle systems for your next project. The specification sheets will include in-depth details on measurements, material properties etc.

After setting a high standard of work, our Engineering team have now established three differentiated steel cold aisle systems: a self-standing cold aisle system (allows us to build the cold aisle steel frame before cabinets are installed), a cabinet-supported steel cold aisle system (cabinets can remain in-situ when frame is built and the presence of no vertical posts allows for more floor space), and a roof-supported steel cold aisle system (threaded rod is attached to the data centre roof to facilitate free movement of your server cabinets).

Our team have thoroughly enjoyed working on the ongoing steel cold aisle project so far, thriving with the challenge of creating an even better design to suit all clients. If you’d like to know more about one of the aforementioned steel cold aisle designs, you can ask us for more information or to obtain drawings of the prototypes. Get in touch by emailing or calling +44 (0)20 8108 9328.

What does our re-designed steel cold aisle solution mean for you?

Our initial steel cold aisle containment didn’t offer quite as much flexibility with set options for the cold aisle system to be taped in or fixed to the cabinets. Based on client requirements, we decided to offer alternatives that minimise cabinet attachment as much as possible to further preserve integrity and safety of equipment inside. This means server cabinets can be removed and replaced as needed without concern of compromising the aisle containment system. We understand each client has their own specific requirements and we pride ourselves on offering solutions that suit.   Our cold aisle containment sliding doors have also been re-designed to benefit our clients, utilising the same x-rail as our aluminium cold aisle containment doors for a smoother transition, while also providing an even better cabinet seal. To make the door feel even more sturdy at the bottom, the accuride bottom guides have also been replaced with folded bottom guides.


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