Continuous improvement: how we keep adapting our processes

Continuous improvement is the cornerstone of every business and does not necessarily always relate only to investment. Although the Cross-Guard team continue to invest in bigger premises, more staff, and better machinery, we also continually evaluate and adapt our internal processes for the benefit of our clients and stakeholders.  

Some recent changes at Cross-Guard

A few recent internal changes are summarised below with what benefit they bring to the client. We continue to make various business improvements to secure our place as a leading global data centre provider.

Newly branded completion and delivery notes

Brand is important in all we do, which is why we constantly update important documents to be in line with our most current brand guidance. One thing we have branded recently is our completion and delivery notes, and we have also tweaked these and created printed and digital versions for a more flexible and easier approach, which will benefit both client and employee.

Internal team changes to accommodate employee preference, growth and development

Internally, we’re making changes and restructures in the team when an employee requests a role that is better for their skillset and development. A lot of our team enjoy taking on new challenges and we accommodate their personal goals and ambitions. This creates further engagement and positivity, which reflects in all we do and how we operate.

Improved drawings leading to even quicker and easier installs

We’ve also made changes to our security cage survey drawings that the Installers use. By including even more granular information on these drawings before issuing to Installers, we make the jobs easier and quicker, where our team can prepare even further in advance for a job. The drawings provide an excellent reference point when commencing cage builds, and are especially useful for any complex security cage developments.

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