Cross-Guard (part of Bradbury Group) 20th Anniversary

A celebration!

This year saw the Bradbury Group celebrate its 20th Anniversary as our award winning company came together to commemorate our many achievements and pay tribute to those who’s dedication and service have ensured our success.
Members from all of our organisations across the UK travelled to Lincolnshire for the special event with representatives of Newton (Scotland) and Cross- Guard South in attendance, to name but a few. Many members of the Cross-Guard team were able to meet their counterparts from around the country for the first time, interacting socially and celebrating our collective success.
The evening saw tributes paid to past achievements as well as recognition of our company’s potential, both now and in the future. Several rounds of Awards, including employee of the year, were presented in honour of the exceptional efforts of our staff in exceeding the expectations of our clients with their professionalism and commitment to quality.

Cross-Guard History

In the late 1990’s a US Telecoms Company expanded into the European marketplace and Cross-Guard was set up as its UK base of operations. Due to the dissolution of this US Company in 2001, Cross-Guard was left to forge its own future and place within the market.
Seizing this opportunity our company worked tirelessly to establish a burgeoning and assured client base. Well placed for the advent of the digital age Cross-guard has developed a range of security and aisle containment products such as custom Safestores, Ventis server safes, Hot and Cold aisle containment solutions and Connexions cage systems for clients with a range of needs and expectations whilst becoming a market leader in high quality and product flexibility.
The Success of 2014 provides a benchmark for the company and is due to the work of all our staff in their commitment and hard work and we look forward to future successes in 2015 and beyond.


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