Nintendo and server usage in the gaming industry

This is another article dedicated to the answer of one of our #TechTuesday quiz questions we previously released on social media. The question: what year was the company Nintendo founded? The answer: 1889. Now we’ve addressed the answer to our social media question, we’d like to delve into the history of Nintendo and some interesting facts about server usage in the gaming industry.

A brief history of Nintendo

Launched in 1889 with its headquarters in Japan, Nintendo has grown into the multinational electronics company we know today. The original Nintendo products were actually brightly coloured playing cards with different images on them, designed by Fusajiro Yamauchi (BBC, 2019). Although based around gaming, this was a different kind of gaming to what we’re accustomed to Nintendo producing!

It wasn’t until 1960 that the company was re-imagined by new leader Hiroshi Yamauchi, as they also expanded into toys and amusement arcades (BBC, 2019). When the technology of video games began to emerge towards the end of the 1970s, Nintendo really hit centre stage, developing in this industry to eventually release the ground-breaking video game Donkey Kong (BBC, 2019). As you’ll probably know, many new Nintendo consoles have followed over the years, including the Gameboy. Other popular games have included Mario and Pokémon.

Server usage in the gaming industry

Video game servers function differently to webpage servers such as those for Google or Facebook. The same physical hardware is involved, which is secured within a server house, and game files are added to this. A specific environment is run, and clients can connect this through a specific IP address, allowing input and receiving output from the server to change the game stage (Salman, 2018).

Webpages are different due to the static nature they are rendered in. Updates are less frequent to webpages, and they are not always changing like a game. Servers function differently for video games simply because their state is changing at a hundred times a second (Salman, 2018).  

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