Data Centre Cooling

To achieve maximum efficiency in data centre cooling requires regular monitoring of temperatures, consumption data and equipment performance, these are all ‘ongoing battles’ however there are many more permanent solutions that can be applied to contribute towards data centre cooling.

We have provided many different aisle containment products for our clients all of which achieve maximum efficiency through ensuring that the hot and cold air flows do not mix.

We provide cold aisle doors which are suitable for installation on cabinets of any type or size; we have multiple cold aisle roof options ranging from a basic polycarbonate fixed roof to active panels which are integrated with the existing fire system to be activated in an emergency.

We also have various hot aisle containment solutions to suit all designs and budgets. We can also combine the need for security with the desire for cooling efficiency for example by applying Perspex panels to existing perforated security cages or providing solid steel panels for new builds which contain and separate the air flows.

These solutions can be designed to be fitted from ‘slab to slab’ and within floor and ceiling voids therefore not allowing air escape from above or below.


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