Cross-Guard: serving data centres in the Irish market

Last week, we returned from the Data Centre World Frankfurt event, promoting our presence within Germany and Europe. We have attended lots of different events over the years to bring to the market data centre server security and server cooling solutions. As a global company, we’re proud to have served data centres across the world, providing server and IT solutions that fit client needs.

Closer to home, one of the markets expanding rapidly with a need for complete data centre and IT server solutions is the Irish market. According to Computer Weekly (2019), inward investment into the Irish data centre market is set to be over €10 billion by 2022. Since the Data Centre Ireland event was this week, we decided to focus this article on our work within the Irish data centre market.

IT solutions Ireland

We’re dealt with many leading brands within Ireland, providing IT solutions and also other security solutions to various parts of the country, including Dublin. From server cooling solutions in Ireland, to server security in Ireland, we’ve provided clients with high-quality, premium products that enhance the image of their data centres.

Data centre cooling in Ireland

Our Coolgenic cold aisle containment and Infernogenic hot aisle containment are popular within the Irish market, providing a premium look and feel, while optimising energy efficiency of IT cooling systems and generating proven savings.

Data centre cages in Ireland

We have also served the Irish market for various data security needs, including data centre caging. The image below shows one of our exhibition stands when we very first started and the leading clients we already served. We’ve expanded and enhanced our product and service offerings a lot since then, re-branding with the new logo that’s on our website today, and the values we live by: trust, respect, adaptability.

exhibition stand

On the stand, we highlighted cooling photos, and also those of data centre cages. Data centre caging in Ireland ensures safe servers and prevents any data breaches. Our Connexions cages are ideal for the purpose, used globally as a flexible, high-strength solution. The modular, bespoke nature of our caging products allows them to suit most environments and applications.

exhibition stand

To see how our brand has changed since this point, above is an image of our recent stand in Frankfurt with a sample data centre caging product, highlighting different cage panel designs.

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