Data centre security caging: a comparison between Connexions cages, Extendor cages, wire mesh cages, and louvre cages

Example of a louvre caging

Overview: Cross-Guard’s comprehensive range of data centre cages

Cross-Guard is continually expanding its product range to be your data centre partner of choice. We’re keen to provide comprehensive data centre solutions that are tailored to your needs. With this in mind, we’ve dedicated this article specifically to the caging section of Cross-Guard’s range to give you an idea what security cage would be the best fit for your data centre. All data centre security cages are designed and manufactured bespoke to your requirements, and our expert installers have installed data centre cages in some very tight, difficult spots. Our team are accustomed to working around existing data centre services and any other challenges.

Which security cage is best for your data centre?

We understand every data centre is unique with different requirements, and there is no one-fit-for-all when it comes to security caging solutions. Cross-Guard offers varying styles of security cages to offer the balance needed between security and airflow. Below, we have summarised our core security cage solutions, although please do get in touch if you have any different requirements, as we are an adaptable supplier that can work with you to find what’s best for your data centre. All our security cages are compatible with a variety of different door options, can be fully or partly-enclosed, and can be adapted into partitions, underfloor barriers and overhead barriers.

Connexions cages for data centres

Cross-Guard is the sole manufacturer of Connexions security cages for data centres. Available with a range of different hole sizes and patterns, depending on what balance you wish to achieve between security and airflow, Connexions steel security cages can be manufactured in various colours and can have branding added to them. 53% free airspace provides ideal ventilation with 1.5mm panels as standard, and up to 3mm panels for extra security. The core advantage of Connexions cages when compared to wire mesh cages is their strength. With thicker steel, Connexions security cages are stronger and more robust. Aside from Cross-Guard’s certified data centre security cages, Connexions are the highest level of security cage available, suitable for requirements of all data centres.

Certified Extendor cages in the data centre industry

Cross-Guard’s LPCB accredited Extendor cages for data centres are designed very differently from other cages. They are manufactured from the company’s certified security grilles, which are manufactured to be heavy-duty and certified to withstand the highest levels of attack. Resistant to a wide range of tooling, Extendor certified cages for data centres are the optimal choice if you want the most enhanced security systems. There is plenty of space between lattices to also allow excellent airflow. Like all of Cross-Guard’s data centre security cages, Extendor cages are made to fit with a range of sizes and colours available.

Wire mesh flexible caging systems for data centres

Wire mesh security cages are popular in data centres due to their light, flexible design that allows great airflow. Replacing non-mesh perforated security cage panels with wire mesh can have a significant impact on aiding airflow. This is important in data centres where there is risk of server overheating so it’s crucial to be able to circulate air. The light design also facilitates easy installation and relocation if required in future. Wire mesh data centre cages can be ordered in bespoke sizes and colours.

Louvre cages in data centres

A recent addition to the Cross-Guard product range on client request, louvre cages achieve a fantastic balance between security and airflow in datacentres. Airflow is maximised by design with no punched holes. Privacy of contents is an added benefit of louvre security cages that is not provided to the same extent by other security cages. The louvre panels ensure outsiders cannot see inside the cage and also help with weather-resistance when installed outdoors. Let us know what sizes and colours you require to fit your data centre space.

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