Top tips for physical data center security

Our Connexions security cage provides a high-strength physical security solution for your data center.

Cyber security is an increasing concern within the IT and data center industries. While it’s important to have a strategy in place to protect your servers against such threats, it’s also important to consider the physical security of your data center. Even with the best defence in place for cyber security, if a thief can break into your data center without much resistance, they can easily steal personal data, which can lead to fines, loss of customer faith, risk to reputation and negative publicity.

The team at Cross-Guard have compiled a handy list of tips for the physical security of your data center. If you’d like further advice, or to ask about Cross-Guard’s security cages or server safes, call 0208 1089 328.

Tip 1: Invest in security cages for your data center

When thinking about the physical security of your data center, you need to consider how thieves may infiltrate your facility. While hackers are finding new and inventive ways to conduct cyber attacks, other thieves are discovering new ways to breach physical security measures. You’ll need to consider solutions to withstand basic attacks and also potentially to withstand terrorism.

Cross-Guard offers a range of security cages. Bespoke Connexions cages can be designed and installed to your requirements, allowing you to optimise the space within your data center while also keeping it secure. For high-risk areas, there’s also the option of certified Extendor security cages rated to SR2 (Extendor Vulcan) and SR3 (Extendor Eclipse).

Tip 2: Select the right design and style for your security cages

You need to consider cages with adequate ventilation, and the specific specification of cage you require in terms of the hole design between the bars. Cross-Guard offers different sizes and shapes for the cage hole patterns, also providing an option for solid panels. A solid diamond panel around the access control system will ensure intruders cannot compromise the caging system by using tools.

Tip 3: Consider an underfloor barrier solution for additional data center security

Cross-Guard’s Connexions server cages can be fitted with an underfloor barrier, which can be installed as either bars or panels. This will create an additional level of physical security where there are raised access floors.

Tip 4: Restrict and control access to your data center

Only allow access to employees who require it on a regular basis—consider how much you can restrict access. Also, think about the locking mechanisms you will use for your security cage. Cross-Guard’s security cages can accommodate most locking mechanisms.

You may also wish to look at restricting access to vulnerable machinery such as generators. Cross-Guard’s security cages have also been used to protect generators—their application is not just limited to securing your servers.

Tip 5: Use CCTV and patrol guarding in combination with cages for security

Patrol guarding is important as well as investing in a high-quality CCTV system. Cameras present an effective visual deterrent, but many thieves will take measures to disguise their appearance and avoid being caught in clear camera view. Cross-Guard’s security cages work well in conjunction with video monitoring—secure caging provides a physical deterrent and can be constructed bespoke so there’s minimal interference with cameras.

Tip 6: Guard your building with fencing, and door and window security

When constructing your data center, it’s important to consider fencing and perimeter security. Picking the right spot to set up is essential.

Try to limit the number of windows in the building to make it more difficult to gain access. For window security, you could try the Extendor range of security grilles, which are bomb-blast tested.

Tip 7: Consider other server security solutions such as ventilated server safes and secure walling

Cross-Guard offers other solutions for data center security. The company’s Ventis server safe is the strongest self-ventilating safe on the market, certified by the LPCB to LPS1214 Security Category 2. The company also offers bespoke walling for data center security (various other applications include strong rooms and cash transfer units) to create internal or external structures.

Hopefully this article will get you thinking about the various options available to help you physically secure your data center. If you’d like any further information, you can always give us a call on 0208 1089 328.


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