Don’t get caught out by the Bonfire Burglar


Bonfire night is prime time for thieves to strike

As many individuals head out to see firework displays and enjoy hotdogs and toffee apples on Bonfire night, thieves use the cover of darkness and loud noises to disguise break-ins. It’s not uncommon for opportunistic burglars to try doors in hopes they might be left unlocked on bonfire night.

While people try to sleep or watch television, a burglar can enter their home, masking actions by all the noise outside. Some people might not even be home at all – they may be out having a nice time. This makes it even easier for a thief to gain access with minimal risk of visibility or confrontation.

Cross-Guard’s range of security grilles and security bars can help protect your home and business against thieves at times like this. Even if you’ve left a window open, your locked grille will help deter and prevent thieves from accessing your property.

cx2 storefront
Guitar shop protected by certified CX2 security grilles

So, aside from implementing security grilles, how else can you make sure you don’t fall prey to a bonfire burglar? Here are some tips:

Make sure doors and windows are locked and secure

If you’re in the back garden enjoying a display of fireworks, keep in mind the front door should be locked. With all the noise, it’d be easy for someone to slip in through the front  while you’re distracted. Even if you’re awake and inside the house, it would be a good idea to keep all doors locked to exercise caution.

Stay vigilant around strangers

Be wary of anyone hanging around the premises. Thieves will sometimes visit a home a few times to scope it out, understanding your habits, when you’re out the house, whether you’re security conscious, and what valuables you may have lying around. Try to vary your routine where possible to avoid being a predictable target for thieves.

Inform a trusted neighbour

If you’re out the house at a bonfire display or a party, and you know a trusted neighbour will be staying at home, you can always ask them to keep an eye on your house and exchange numbers. Some neighbours even come together to form a neighbourhood watch. If there is a neighbourhood watch in your area, home insurers can view this favourably.

Drink responsibly so you don’t become a target

When you drink alcohol, you’re more likely to relax your approach to security, which could mean forgetting to lock doors and windows. Drink responsibly if you’re going out to enjoy a firework display and, if you’re driving, ensure you stay within the limit.

In conclusion, make sure you’re careful so you don’t get caught out by the #BonfireBurglar! If you’d like to know more about general home security or business security, we’ve also released top tip articles dedicated to these topics. To get in touch about our security grilles, you can give us a ring on +44 (0)1724 709 722 or email


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