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Calling all Cross-Guard security grille partners

Previously, we published an article on the upcoming release of our new website, dedicated to security grilles. With the security grilles website making good progress, we’d like to invite all our approved suppliers and distributors of security grilles to feature on the ‘our partners’ page of this website.

The ‘our partners’ page will enable anyone visiting our website to filter by area to find a security grille installer near them. You’ll gain some great visibility and exposure with the ability to add your name to our website. If you’d like to feature as an approved supplier and distributor of our security grilles, please email with your logo (.png file) and company name.

Update on the new security grilles website

Our website providers Skyline Internet have been working hard to develop a dedicated security grilles website that will benefit all clients and stakeholders. The security grilles website will be a sub-website of the main Cross-Guard website with more resources, information and technical specifications for the range of security grilles that Cross-Guard manufactures. The website will also be updated frequently to include CAD models and more accurate security grille renders.

The dedicated security grilles website will comprise separate sections depending on the market served. There will be a page created specifically for domestic and commercial security, covering information about Cross-Guard’s range of CX security grilles. On the other side, the company’s Extendor security grilles will be separated under a page dedicated to government, high-security and high-sensitivity markets.

The journey so far: Cross-Guard security grilles

Originally part of Bradbury, Cross-Guard has since expanded into an independent company, acquiring Bradbury security grilles. While security grilles are still made to the same high-quality standards, just as our clients would expect, the acquisition now means there is more space available and a dedicated security grilles team.

Since acquiring security grilles, Cross-Guard has been making changes to benefit existing clients. We now have a dedicated phone number and email to contact the Grilles team directly: +44 (0)808 301 9807, In addition, we’ve launched new security grilles literature. If you’d like a copy, please do get in touch.

The dedicated security grilles website marks another point in Cross-Guard’s journey to expand the security grilles market. Security grilles are extremely valuable in delivering proven security to so many markets, ensuring properties are protected against theft.

If you have any queries, or you’d like to order any of Cross-Guard’s security grilles, please do get in touch.


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