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CX2 retractable security grille with curved lattice design

Cross-Guard’s security grilles are very versatile and have been used for a wide range of applications. Popular within the domestic and commercial markets, the company’s Extendor grilles have also been applied within government settings and places where the highest levels of security are required.

What are security grilles typically used for?

The primary function of security grilles is to offer security and protection against theft and vandalism. Retractable security grilles are installed in windows and doorways as a visual and physical deterrent for potential thieves. Unlike other options such as security shutters, security grilles allow free flow of light and ventilation and are favoured by shops for their ability to allow window shopping.

What are some of the more unique applications of security grilles?

Although typically applied in shop fronts and doorways, they have been installed in more unique ways. One good example is installation on bar tops within pubs and clubs. Cross-Guard has supplied clients previously for this purpose, so alcohol is secured behind a grille.

Shutting these grilles also provides an indication to customers that the bar is no longer open. Staff are offered an additional level of protection from any disorderly behaviour while behind the grilles and can safely cash up for the day.

Other examples where security grilles have been used include security of portacabins, the protection of commercial vans (prevents tool theft), and security of viewing platforms within wildlife parks. The team at Cross-Guard have adapted security grilles accordingly to suit a wide range of applications, adding extra pickets on client request and exploring ways of making the security grille fit for purpose.

Can a security grille go there? Find the right security grille for you and your business

If you think a security grille could help you achieve a specific purpose in your home or business, but you’re not sure if a security grille can go there, it’s always worth giving the Cross-Guard team a ring to discuss on 020 8108 9328, or


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