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Security grilles: de-mystifying terminology

There are a lot of technical terms thrown around when it comes to security grilles. If you’re a first-time buyer of security grilles, you may feel uncertain exactly what product you require, the type of security grille fixing, the type of security grille stacking, and any retractable grille options you may require. Although you can always give our specialist team a ring and they will be more than happy to talk you through what’s available, we’ve also created a series of blog posts to de-mystify some of the security grille technical terms. The first post we released discussed fixing methods of security grilles. This article is dedicated to security grille stacking options.

What is a security grille stack (also known as sash)?

The security grille stack, or sash, is the grille bunch, which consists of pickets and the retracted lattices of a grille. The illustration below highlights the security grille stack, or security grille sash, on a double stacking, bi-parting security grille. If both sides of the security grille were retracted into a ‘bunch,’ there would be two separate security grille stacks.

technical drawing

What is a single stacking security grille (also known as single sash security grille)?

A single stack security grille has one grille stack that bunches to either the right- or left-hand side of the grille opening, depending on your requirements. The security grille stack bunches back discretely. When ordering a single stacking security grille, you’ll need to consider the size and style of your opening, and how you want the security grille to fit in with the overall design of your building.

What is a double stacking security grille (also known as double sash security grille)?

A double stack security grille is bi-parting in the middle with two stacks either side of the security grille opening. The security grille bunch is separated evenly into a right- and left-hand stack. Bi-parting security grilles are the most popular choice for security – aesthetically, these security grilles look more balanced.

What is a floating stack for a security grille?

Cross-Guard also offers a more flexible, bespoke stacking option for security grille openings that require it. A floating security grille stack can lock at either side of the security grille opening, allowing even easier cleaning and maintenance. Security grilles with floating stacks can be incorporated as part of a larger structure if you have a non-standard opening, such as a very wide window. You can have the floating security grilles in the middle of other grilles that are stacked and fixed to the wall, enabling complete coverage of the window.

What is a fixed security grille?

A fixed security grille does not retract into a stack. The security grille is permanently locked and fixed in place. This is ideal if you want a static security solution, however you wouldn’t opt for a fixed security grille if the security grille needs to be moveable.

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