Van Grille Pro: leading the way for van security

Vehicle crime is on the rise with work vans being a particularly attractive target to thieves due to the assumption valuable tools will be stored inside. The Installer released a recent article which highlights shocking statistics. Every 23 minutes, a van is broken into with an average tool theft claim costing around £1,692 per tradesperson.

DRS Garage Doors approached Cross-Guard with a novel idea to lead the way with transit van security: installing security grilles into work vans with the option of a warning label as a further deterrent to thieves. DRS Garage Doors is a supplier and installer of composite doors, windows, garage doors and security products with over 30 years’ experience.

Introducing Van Grille Pro for work van security

Van Grille Pro is the new retractable security grille system that can be installed into work vans to protect against tool theft. Cross-Guard has partnered with DRS Garage Doors to manufacture high-quality security grilles for this system. DRS Garage Doors offer clients an install service with a view to also providing self-install videos and manuals in the future for those who prefer to complete the install themselves.

Van Grille Pro: security grille system

Van Grille Pro: reducing tool theft from vans

Van break-ins are frustrating for tradespeople. Tool theft from vans wastes not just money, but also valuable time for businesses. If your van isn’t secure, it makes life easier for the burglar to steal tools. If your van has been targeted on multiple occasions, this can also increase levels of anxiety.

Van Grille Pro offers clients van security and peace of mind in relation to tool theft. It acts as an effective visual deterrent as thieves will realise they’ll need a lot more time to try and breach the system to break into the van – time during which they can be seen or caught. In addition, when they try to attack the security grilles, this will produce a lot of noise (again, not something most thieves want to deal with).

Additional benefits of using Van Grille Pro for work van security

In addition to avoiding the costs involved in tool theft from vans, you’ll also have more time to focus on your business, rather than dealing with the unpleasant repercussions of theft. The security grilles look smart and can be requested in various colours. They are retractable with a lock and slam post that automatically locks. Find out more about the grilles used in Van Grille Pro for van security.

Warning labels for van security to discourage theft attempts

Van Grille Pro doesn’t just secure your van. Part of the package includes a warning label you can apply to the outside of your van. After all, even attempted burglaries can be frustrating when you need to repair a damaged door. The sticker will make thieves think twice about even attempting tool theft.

Warning label for Van Grille Pro highlights van security grille system in place

Get in touch if you have any further questions about Van Grille Pro. Call Cross-Guard on 020 8108 9328 or visit our partner’s website.


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