What security grilles bring to the security market

Retractable security grilles provide a unique, robust solution when compared to other security products on the market. While certain security devices only act as a visual deterrent, alerting of intrusions, security grilles act as a combined visual and physical deterrent. In addition, security grilles are superior to other products on the market, such as security shutters, due to reduced risks of faults and costly fixtures, and the ability to facilitate free flow of light and air when in operation.

Cross-Guard colleagues from the company’s Grilles department recently featured in the below video to highlight the features and benefits of security grilles:

Connor and Carl talk about Cross-Guard’s security grilles

Introducing security grilles to the market

Cross-Guard offers a wide range of security grilles, and you can find details on the company’s dedicated security grille product range page. Retractable security grilles can be used in a wide range of markets, including homes, offices, shops, government and embassy buildings, and many more.

The company offers two distinguished brands of security grille to cater for the different needs of these markets. The CX range of security grilles are mostly applicable to domestic and commercial markets with the leading, certified CX2 security grille delivering proven attack resistance for added peace of mind. For high-sensitive markets, including government and home office buildings, Cross-Guard’s Extendor security grilles offer maximum, unrivalled security.

Benefits of security grilles compared to other security measures

In addition to security grilles being a cheaper alternative to measures such as roller shutters, they also allow light, visibility and ventilation through the opening. For instance, installed in a shop front, onlookers can still see the contents advertised in the shop window and become engaged in the shop, while security remains in place. In addition, the lack of mechanical parts means they require limited maintenance with no costly faults to fix.

A core advantage of security grilles is flexibility. Security grilles can be available in a vast range of sizes and colours to suit and can also be adapted to make security caging or partitioning. It is the company’s Extendor range of security grilles that are used to create secure cages and enclosures. These security cages are mostly used in data centres, but have also been used in a lot of bespoke situations, and are suitable for a variety of applications, including outdoor installations.

Security cages are manufactured to three different levels – Elite cages (Secured by Design), Vulcan (certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175 SR2), and Eclipse (certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175 SR3).

Whatever your security needs, get in touch

Cross-Guard’s experienced CAD engineers can make a solution work for you, whether you require security grilles, or a security cage, the team can design the right fit product. As an additional incentive, Cross-Guard is also offering free UK delivery on bulk orders, restrictions apply. Please ask the team for further details.

The Cross-Guard team thrive on accommodating unique situations, and work with clients to develop bespoke solutions. If you’re not certain a security grille or cage will fit in your opening, get in touch, and the team can provide more information. Call +44 (0)808 301 9807 or email grillesales@cross-guard.com.


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