Why security grilles are better than roller shutters

There are many ways of securing a building against theft and vandalism, including security enhanced doors, strong locking mechanisms, intruder alarms, security grilles and roller shutters. This article explores two popular security products, especially for installation on shop fronts: security grilles and roller shutters.

What are security grilles?

Security grilles are a more aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly alternative to roller shutters, used for window and door security. They come in a wide range of sizes and specifications to suit your needs with security rated and insurance rated options available. Presenting a deterrent and a physical barrier, security grilles can resist a wide range of tools.

security grille
CX2 retractable security grille with curved lattice design

What benefits do security grilles offer compared to roller shutters?

Roller shutters are perhaps a more well-known solution than security grilles. When people think of shop security, they may already have in mind the image of a dowdy-looking shutter. Security shutters do present a secure physical barrier, but they don’t allow for circulation of light or air, and they don’t allow for people to ‘window shop’ when the shutter is down.

Security grilles offer a number of benefits over shop roller shutters. Below, we explore the reasons why they are a better option for application in the retail market.

Security grilles are more cost-effective than roller shutters

Security grilles are generally a more cost-effective option to roller shutters when offering the same level of security. Not only are they more cost-effective to purchase and install, they are also more cost-effective in relation to maintenance. They will last a lot longer than roller shutters before requiring parts if you look after them and maintain them with lubrication oil such as WD-40.

Security grilles involve less maintenance than roller shutters

Security grilles are user-friendly and easy to maintain – they are purely mechanical, no electrical components involved. Cleaning your security grilles is straight-forward. A soft duster can be used to keep them free of dirt and the bottom track can be hoovered to remove debris.

Security grilles don’t hinder flow of light and air

While roller shutters prohibit natural flow of light and air, security grilles create a secure but more optimal and open working environment (and browsing environment for shoppers, if installed on a shop front). Security grilles allow increased ventilation and good natural lighting conditions to showcase any product displays in window fronts.

Security grilles are more aesthetically pleasing than roller shutters

Security grilles can be made bespoke to the size you need and in a range of colours. They are more pleasing to the eye than roller shutters. The CX2, our best-selling grille, has a curved ‘S’ shaped lattice, which is a particularly popular design. They don’t impede too much on your line of vision and can be retracted as needed.

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