What’s involved in certification of security grilles and cages?

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Since we’ve recently updated and re-branded our brochures, including the most up-to-date certification references for the various certified products we offer, we thought it’d be good to share some more information about the certification process and why our certified grilles, cages and server safes are guaranteed to give you the best security.

With certified products, you get the peace of mind you need that they can withstand high levels of attack with proven resistance against a variety of tools. Certified products are manufactured to set standards to enable guaranteed attack resistance for lengthy periods of time. All Cross-Guard’s products, certified and uncertified, are manufactured to rigorous quality standards to ensure clients receive the products and solutions they deserve.

Cross-Guard’s certified products: proven resistance, guaranteed security

Although all products are manufactured to the highest standards, having an independently certified product gives you additional assurance of quality and resistance. Cross-Guard offers several certified options, which are discussed individually in this article: CX2 security grilles, Extendor Vulcan security grilles and cages, Extendor Eclipse security grilles and cages, and the Ventis server safe.

Products are certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), an independent body recognised by governments and authorities across the globe. Some of Cross-Guard’s products also obtain a Secured by Design rating. Give us a call on +44 (0)20 8108 9328 or email sales@cross-guard.com if you’d like further information.

Certified security grilles: CX2, Extendor Vulcan and Extendor Eclipse

Cross-Guard offers a wide range of certified security grilles to accommodate varying levels of security when it comes to the protection of windows, doorways and other access points.

The CX2 is the premium security grille of Cross-Guard’s CX range, and it is the current best-seller for domestic and commercial markets where moderate security is required. CX2 is security rated by the LPCB to LPS 1175 Security Rating 1. What does this mean? It means this security grille can withstand attack from a variety of common attack tools, including: pry bars, screwdriver, wrench knife, glass cutter, knife and pliers. This security grille is tested for 10 minutes with a maximum working time of 1 minute.

Extendor Vulcan is part of Cross-Guard’s high-end Extendor range, which are manufactured to be unrivalled in their strength and versatility. The Extendor Vulcan is rated by the LPCB to LPS 1175 SR2 with higher resistance than the CX2. This security grille can withstand attack from all the tools used to achieve security rating 1 in addition to the following tools: bolt cutter, hacksaw, pipe wrench, claw hammer and hand drill. The security grille is tested for a longer duration of 15 minutes with a maximum working time of 3 minutes.

The final certified security grille is the Extendor Eclipse, which is Cross-Guard’s strongest and most robust grille, and the strongest security grille on the market. Rated by the LPCB to LPS 1175 SR3 with the highest levels of attack resistance, the Extendor Eclipse withstands tools to achieve level 1 and 2 security ratings, while also withstanding: cordless drill, axe, car jack, cold chisel, and gas torch. The security grille is tested for 20 minutes with a maximum working time of 5 minutes.

Certified security cages: Extendor Vulcan and Extendor Eclipse

The Extendor Vulcan and Extendor Eclipse security grilles are also used to manufacture modular security cages, maintaining the same LPCB rating if recommended installation guidelines are followed, and no non-standard elements are requested. These security cages are ideal for high-sensitive environments to secure high-value items or important information. The security cages are also suitable for outdoor use.

Ventis: certified server safe

The Ventis server safe is Cross-Guard’s final certified product, manufactured primarily for the safety of servers and other IT equipment. The server safe is market-leading, constructed from 3mm thick steel. In addition to being rated by the LPCB to LPS 1214 Security Category 2, this server safe is also Secured by Design and CPNI approved. This product was tested on the basis of preventing the unauthorised removal of or access to IT equipment, giving clients reassurance that is has proven attack resistance.

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