Safestor for security and storage of tools #BoltYourTools

Safestor tool security and storage cabinet is a heavy-duty solution to protect your expensive tooling so you don’t become a victim of tool theft.

Increasing in frequency, tool theft often puts a lot of tradespeople – builders, electricians, plumbers etc. – severely out of pocket. It doesn’t have to be this way. Safestor tooling security cabinet is designed specifically with the needs of tradespeople in mind to protect tools and equipment of varying sizes. The tool cabinet can be manufactured specifically to your needs and sizing requirements, and can be bolted to the floor for additional security.

Safestor tool security cabinet has proven resistance against a range of common attack tooling and makes it less likely you’ll even be targeted for theft in the first place, as thieves often elect for easy targets. Constructed from 3mm steel with three deadlocks for even more enhanced security, this heavy-duty tooling security cabinet will give you the peace of mind you desire.

For more information about the various options available with this secure tooling storage cabinet, visit the dedicated Safestor for tools page:


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