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Expert knowledge of the Data Centre, IT and Security sectors
Custom-made to meet individual customer requirements
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Expert knowledge of the Data Centre, IT and Security sectors
Custom-made to meet individual customer requirements
Installation by our specialist installers



Across the UK, Europe, and worldwide, Cross-Guard has an enviable reputation for delivering data centre power & cooling infrastructure and fit-outs, on time, to budget, and with exemplary customer service. Whether for a new build or retro fit, for challenging or tight spaces, our bespoke products are meticulously planned, designed and manufactured in the UK to exact client or contractor specifications.

With over 80% of our work coming from recommendation, referral and repeat business, the trust we develop with our clients is evident. We are proud to work with notable companies such as the Home Office, Microsoft, the Olympic Delivery Committee, HP, IBM, Vodafone and Amazon.

Our Clients Include:

Satisfied Clients

Vassil G


I just wanted to say that your team did a really good job.  Thank you and looking forwrad to a new project with Cross-Guard!

Mike Lawrence


"Cross-Guard are an excellent company to deal with. Technical questions are dealt with very efficiently, products are well manufactured and delivered on time."

Matt Holloway

European Datacentre Manager at ControlCircle, Dartford, UK

"I have used Cross-guard for all my secure cage builds and designs for over 10 years have always found them to be professional and their work to be of the highest quality."

Gary Kilmister

Head of Data Centres at Pulsant Limited, Colchester, UK

"I have used Cross-guard over the last 10 years in my various capacities. I am not easily pleased, but the quality of the cage works, professionalism with pre and post sales and installs is second to none. I have no hesitation in using them where the opportunity presents itself and happy to recommend."

Reka Dobsi

Office and Marketing Manager at Catsurveys Group, Southend on Sea, UK

"We have used Cross-guard for the first time and we have been very impressed with the excellent service and fast turnaround they have provided us with. I would highly recommend them."

Bhavesh Amin

Data Centre Manager at TATA Communications Ltd. (FKA VSNL), Reading, UK

"I recommend this product."

Martin Buckley

Facilities Technician at Digital Realty, Ireland

"I worked with Cross-Guard at a data center facility based in Paris, France. I found their quality of workmanship and install team always a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend them."

Matthew Reid

UK Data Centre Manager at CGI, Newport, UK

"I have used Cross-guard on several occasions and have always found their work exceptional, delivered on time and to budget; I would always use Cross-guard for work in and around secure environments."

Adam Matthews

Construction Manager at Overbury

"I first used Cross-Guard back in 2006 and found service, product and staff to be very good, I have subsequently used them several times over the past few years for cages and security doors. In my line of business the big questions are would I recommend Cross-Guard and would I use them again? Yes and Yes."

John Maccallum

Data Centre Manager at TelecityGroup, London, UK

"Quality product with excellent before and after sales service."



What’s the smallest security cage you can provide?

We have a broad range of different cage shapes and sizes to suit. We specialise in the bespoke, meaning we can make a cage to fit your data centre space. The smallest security cages we’ve manufactured have been our small Extendor cage cubes for the protection of personal computing equipment at 1m x 1m.

What’s the difference between cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment?

Both hot and cold aisle containment systems are constructed based on airflow management principles to increase data centre energy efficiency. Essentially, the difference is whether the system contains cold air in the data aisle (cold aisle containment) or contains and vents hot air from within the data aisle (hot aisle containment). With both hot and cold aisle containment the cold and hot air flows are separated to maximise efficiency of your cooling system. If you would like further information on these differences, give our experts a call: +44 (0)20 8108 9328.

Do you offer rust-resistant security cages for outdoor installation?

Yes, we offer outdoor high-security cages. Simply let us know the cage will be required for an outdoor location and we can add a protective coating to the security cage.

Would hot or cold aisle containment work best in my data centre?

It’s easiest for us to answer this upon survey and inspection as each data centre space is individual and our specialist team give advice on a one-to-one basis. Get in touch for a more specific answer to this question: +44 (0)20 8108 9328.
There are different advantages of both hot and cold aisle containment but, in general, cold aisle containment is a more popular solution if you need to retrofit to existing cabinets, as the system doesn’t require any special ductwork. Sometimes, hot aisle containment can achieve more efficiency, as hot air can be recycled back into the cooling system. In some cases, hot air may also be re-used in heating systems.

What cage thickness do you offer?

Our standard Connexions security cages are 1.5mm thick. However, we offer up to 3mm thickness for additional strength and peace of mind. Our cages are robust and built to withstand high levels of attack – we even have LPCB certified cages available.

What happens if I want an aisle containment system, but my server cabinets are different heights?

Our aisle containment systems are made bespoke to fit any size, height, and width cabinets. Cross-Guard cold and hot aisle containment systems are fully compatible with server cabinets that differ in height and width as we can install infill panels to ensure a complete seal and a professional look and finish. Different size cabinets will not prevent you having a Cross-Guard cold or hot aisle system.

Can my security cage be manufactured in our brand colours and can we have our brand logo added to the cage?

Security cages can be designed and manufactured in a broad range of colours to suit you. We can also provide security cages in more than one colour if you’d prefer. As for branding, we can laser your corporate logo into the security cage panel. Please do let us know if this is something you require.

Can you adapt your security cages to my on-site requirements?

Yes, we can adapt and install a security cage to suit your on-site needs. If you need a bespoke security cage, you’ve come to the right place.

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