Wire Mesh Security Cages

Wire mesh security cages are popular for their light, strong design, which facilitates greater levels of airflow, ideal for data centre and IT environments where servers are at risk of overheating. Choosing suitable security caging for your data centre is all about evaluating the options and balancing the need for security with the need for airflow. If even stronger security is required, you may want to also consider our Connexions Modular cages or Certified Extendor Cages.



With the core benefit of improving airflow within server rooms, Cross-Guard’s wire mesh security cages have been installed by the company’s team of experts in a variety of places across the world, including London, Bulgaria and Portugal. Wire mesh cages have thinner cross-sections of metal around the cage holes, meaning more air is allowed to circulate. Due to their light, flexible design, and easy installation, wire mesh security cages are also popular for use in a variety of other industries to ensure security of contents.


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  • Strength
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Versatility
  • Lighter design
  • Bespoke, flexible system
  • Adaptable to your needs
  • Easy installation (can be installed by our team of experts)
  • Expansive colour range
  • Can be branded with your corporate logo


As an example of how wire mesh can improve airflow, let’s take the case of an existing client who replaced a non-mesh perforated security cage panel with a 3mm wire mesh panel. This helped improve airflow in the overall data centre by 11.2%. Replacement of an additional wire mesh panel also increased airflow by 11%.

Wire mesh security cage systems are light and flexible, and can also be used for underfloor and above ceiling barriers to aid ventilation even further. The 12.7mm square hole pattern for wire mesh panels is considered to offer a good balance between security and ventilation.


  • 1.5mm panel standard (with other sizes available)
  • Roof available
  • Range of door options available
  • Underfloor and above ceiling barriers available
  • Light, flexible caging system
  • Cage can be fully or partly enclosed

Although designed for data centres, our wire mesh caging systems are suited to a range of applications and environments, perfect for protecting sensitive documents, controlled medicine, gas and chemical containers, and other high-risk or high-value items.


Satisfied Clients

Vassil G


I just wanted to say that your team did a really good job.  Thank you and looking forwrad to a new project with Cross-Guard!

Mike Lawrence


"Cross-Guard are an excellent company to deal with. Technical questions are dealt with very efficiently, products are well manufactured and delivered on time."

Matt Holloway

European Datacentre Manager at ControlCircle, Dartford, UK

"I have used Cross-guard for all my secure cage builds and designs for over 10 years have always found them to be professional and their work to be of the highest quality."

Gary Kilmister

Head of Data Centres at Pulsant Limited, Colchester, UK

"I have used Cross-guard over the last 10 years in my various capacities. I am not easily pleased, but the quality of the cage works, professionalism with pre and post sales and installs is second to none. I have no hesitation in using them where the opportunity presents itself and happy to recommend."

Reka Dobsi

Office and Marketing Manager at Catsurveys Group, Southend on Sea, UK

"We have used Cross-guard for the first time and we have been very impressed with the excellent service and fast turnaround they have provided us with. I would highly recommend them."

Bhavesh Amin

Data Centre Manager at TATA Communications Ltd. (FKA VSNL), Reading, UK

"I recommend this product."

Martin Buckley

Facilities Technician at Digital Realty, Ireland

"I worked with Cross-Guard at a data center facility based in Paris, France. I found their quality of workmanship and install team always a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend them."

Matthew Reid

UK Data Centre Manager at CGI, Newport, UK

"I have used Cross-guard on several occasions and have always found their work exceptional, delivered on time and to budget; I would always use Cross-guard for work in and around secure environments."

Adam Matthews

Construction Manager at Overbury

"I first used Cross-Guard back in 2006 and found service, product and staff to be very good, I have subsequently used them several times over the past few years for cages and security doors. In my line of business the big questions are would I recommend Cross-Guard and would I use them again? Yes and Yes."

John Maccallum

Data Centre Manager at TelecityGroup, London, UK

"Quality product with excellent before and after sales service."

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