About Cold Aisle Containment

Cold aisle containment is one of the most widely-recognised data centre containment solutions. Coolgenic is Cross-Guard’s leading brand of cold aisle containment.


What is the purpose of cold aisle containment?

Although sometimes referred to as a data centre cooling solution, cold aisle containment does not generate cooling for servers, but manages airflow around the data centre, maximising efficiency of the existing cooling system within your data centre.

While keeping servers at ambient temperatures without the need to increase energy consumption, cold aisle containment results in cost savings, power usage effectiveness with better return on investment.

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How is a cold aisle containment system set up?


A cold aisle containment system is created by lining up server and network cabinets in alternating rows, so server exhausts venting hot air are facing outside the data aisle with cold air intakes facing the opposite way. The air-conditioning unit (ACU) is therefore set up inside the data aisle.

Rows in which cold air flows are referred to as ‘cold aisles,’ whereas the rows in which hot air flows are called ‘hot aisles.’ Using doors and a roof to secure the cold data aisle, Cross-Guard’s Coolgenic cold aisle containment system traps cold air from the ACU, and prevents server exhaust air mixing with the cold air.

It is possible to set up a containment system with the opposite layout – the air conditioning will be outside the data aisle and cabinets will be lined so hot server exhausts face into the inside of the aisle. This solution is known as hot aisle containment, which is something we also offer, where hot air is vented away through a plenum.

What happens if server cabinets in a data aisle are all different sizes?

A core benefit of the Coolgenic cold aisle containment system is it can be retrofitted and also implemented on server cabinets of varying sizes. The height difference between the smaller server cabinets and the cold aisle roof is resolved by using infill panels, which are powder-coated in the same colour as the rest of the system to match up for a professional finish.


What’s the difference between Coolgenic and other cold aisle containment systems?

The main difference between Coolgenic and other cold aisle systems is that Coolgenic is manufactured and installed the way you want it. Using high-quality materials, each system is designed unique to the client and can be retrofitted and easily modified. Adaptability is one of Cross-Guard’s company values, and something the team pride itself on. We understand your need for a fit-for-purpose solution that’s also future-proof.

With the support of specialist CAD engineers, we work with clients to achieve bespoke products to fit your data centre space. Our installers respect the environment they operate in, and have fitted cold aisle systems in the past while overcoming challenging circumstances or environments ie. manipulating products to fit around overhead services etc.

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