Cold Aisle Benefits


Why should you invest in cold aisle containment?

Cold aisle containment systems are popular due to the instant benefits clients receive. With proven results for energy savings, cold aisle containment systems generate excellent return on investment. As a premium solution, the Coolgenic system has been trialled and tested to perform exceptionally well. The Coolgenic system outperforms competitors when it comes to clients wanting a quality and versatile option. Coolgenic is created and installed bespoke to the client.

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Proven benefits of Coolgenic cold aisle containment

  • Cost savings and energy savings
  • Improved power usage effectiveness (PUE)
  • Longer-lasting IT equipment
  • Reduced carbon emissions in the environment
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Reduced hot spots

A case for Coolgenic: Digital Realty receive exceptional results

Cross-Guard has worked with Digital Realty for a number of years and hopes to continue a long and prosperous partnership with the client, providing quality solutions that are fit for purpose. Digital Realty conducted a case study in 2015 to see the results of having Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment system installed. Three enclosures were installed and trialed, and a summary is provided below. You can also read the full case study for more information.

Summary of results from the Digital Realty cold aisle case study

With savings set to further increase if power consumption grows, the results of the study predicted the client would save more than £180,500 a year. This saving is significant, ensuring exceptional return on investment.

By reducing PUE from 1.85 to 1.55, the client was able to make this saving while also reducing emissions within the environment.

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