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Why Data Centres Are A Favourite To Shift To Renewable Energy

Every time you access the internet, you are linked to one of the numerous servers spread out in various data centres worldwide. Data Centres require huge amounts of power supply and are a huge source of energy consumption. To understand the huge growth it’s essential to discuss statistics and the significant increase in data centres…

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Equinix opens rooftop farm growing data centre powered fruit and vegetables

Last month Equinix revealed a new rooftop farm on one of its data centres in France, Paris. RBA Architects designed and completed the ground-breaking design and technology. The farm is making use of wasted data centre energy to power itself. The main goal of the project is to promote the sustainable use of data centres…

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Louvre security cages for data centres

Cross-Guard’s bespoke louvre caging systems are becoming widely adapted within the Data Centre and IT sectors. These bespoke cages feature exceptional airflow compared to other security cages available on the market and a design that ensures no visibility of cage contents from the outside. Combined with high strength and flexibility, louvre cages are proven to…

Cross-Guard's Solargenic Hot Aisle Containment (1)

Cross-Guard’s Solargenic Hot Aisle Containment

Cross-Guard’s Solargenic hot aisle containment systems guarantee cost and energy savings. Hot aisle containment systems are bespoke designed and manufactured to your needs to fit any server cabinets and enhance your data centre’s appearance. Cross-Guard’s hot aisle containment system provides clients with numerous benefits including: ~ Cost-effectiveness ~ Improved Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ~ Lower…

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Our business trip to Oman

Cross-Guard prides itself on being the global data centre provider of choice. We have recently completed a project in Oman to maintain our goal of being a global data centre provider. The survey was conducted for one of our clients who specialise in IT domain, LV cables, outdoor plant products, custom data solutions, telecom and…

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Data Centre Construction: what lies ahead?

From April 2021 to April 2022, internet users worldwide increased by almost 200 million. Needless to say, there’s a scramble to build more data centres to meet this growing demand. While some global events may be slowing down supply chains, data centre construction is still on the rise. It isn’t just the big boys who…

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Keepy your home safe with Cross-Guard’s domestic security grilles and bars

Around 300,000 homes are burglarized every year in the UK. Shockingly, almost two-thirds of those burglaries occur when someone is home. Here are some simple steps you can take to protect your home right now ~Keep your window and doors locked even when you’re in ~Avoid window views of your valuables ~ Let your local…


The Journey of Data Centres and ENIAC

In 1945 the world’s first data centre was created at the University of Pennsylvania to house the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC). It was the first programmable, general-purpose and electronic digital computer ever created. The machine was 150 feet wide and required 150kW of power proving just 0.05 MIPS of computing power. Computer firm…

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Making sustainable data centres a reality

Are carbon-neutral data centres a possibility? Surprisingly, it is. It’s going to take a 3-Scope approach as laid out by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Too much emission requires data centre operators to create sustainable ecosystems a process that can be broken into 4 steps: Step 1: Identify the volume of your supply chain’s carbon emissions.…


How Microsoft’s Data Centres Help Heat Homes

When it comes to sustainability, Microsoft is taking it to a new level with its 2 newest planned data centres in Helsinki, Finland. Excess heat generated by these data centres will help heat the homes of up to 250,000 people. What’s more, the 2 new data centres will be 100% powered by renewable energy sources.…