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The Journey of Data Centres and ENIAC

In 1945 the world’s first data centre was created at the University of Pennsylvania to house the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC). It was the first programmable, general-purpose and electronic digital computer ever created. The machine was 150 feet wide and required 150kW of power proving just 0.05 MIPS of computing power. Computer firm…

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Making sustainable data centres a reality

Are carbon-neutral data centres a possibility? Surprisingly, it is. It’s going to take a 3-Scope approach as laid out by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Too much emission requires data centre operators to create sustainable ecosystems a process that can be broken into 4 steps: Step 1: Identify the volume of your supply chain’s carbon emissions.…


How Microsoft’s Data Centres Help Heat Homes

When it comes to sustainability, Microsoft is taking it to a new level with its 2 newest planned data centres in Helsinki, Finland. Excess heat generated by these data centres will help heat the homes of up to 250,000 people. What’s more, the 2 new data centres will be 100% powered by renewable energy sources.…

How Cross-Guard is making Data Centres more Energy Efficient

Cross-Guard is the leading supplier of security and energy efficiency solutions across the globe. We specialise in hot and cold aisle containment that is guaranteeing clients a huge reduction in their costs and energy savings. Aisle containment is becoming increasingly popular within the data centre industry due to the benefits it brings our clients. Aisle…

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Do You Know Your Data Centre Tiers?

When it comes to assessing the power, cooling and resiliency of the data centre dealing with your applications and systems it helps to know about tier classification systems. But do you know your data centre tiers? Here are the four different tiers in the Uptime Institute tier classification systems: Tier 1: The lowest tier of…

5 approaches

A Sustainable Future for Data Centres

In 2020, electricity consumption by global data centres was 200-250 TWh. That equals around 1% of global electricity consumption. It’s no wonder that data centre operators are looking to create more sustainable data centres. But how? There are 5 approaches currently being trialled or tested: 1. Optimising Airflow- We see every day the positive impact…

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Cross-Guard’s Security Grilles

Cross-Guard is a leading manufacturer of retractable security grilles. Security grilles are effective physical barriers and theft deterrents that are installed in windows, doorways and a variety of other openings that require security. Developed with care and precision, Cross-Guard’s security grilles have been implemented to deliver leading security nationwide. Cross-Guard specialises in retractable security grilles…

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Hot aisle and cold aisle containment report for data centres

Download our data centre cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment report here:… Choosing the right aisle containment solution for your data centre doesn’t need to be difficult. Our cold aisle and hot aisle containment report takes an objective look at both systems for aisle containment. It compares the pros and cons of hot…

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Bespoke security cage installs

At Cross-Guard we understand the importance of trust. Our clients can trust us to deliver the best solution, maintaining professional integrity and understanding the sensitive nature of their work, especially those within the data centre and IT sectors. In this video you will why you can trust Cross-Guard with your installation needs. Are you looking…


Learning from data centre breaches and implementing good security

Having rigorous procedures in place plays a big part in data centre security. In this video, you will find useful information on how data centre breaches can be avoided and what implications a breach may have if preventative measures are not put in place. There are many ways to avoid damages to your business and…