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Explore Hot & Cold Aisle Containment For Your Data Centre

Here at Cross-Guard, we understand the constant pressures faced by data centres to lower energy consumption, which is why our bespoke hot and cold aisle containment systems are developed to give you guaranteed cost and energy savings. Cross-Guard has a wide range of cold and hot aisle systems, all designed to deliver exceptional value and…


How is Crypto Mining affecting the Data Centre Industry?

Cryptocurrency, also known as crypto-currency or crypto is a form of currency that exists digitally and uses cryptography to secure transactions. Crypto has gained an enormous spike in its popularity, particularly in the U.S. As of August 2021, 35.4% of Bitcoin is mined in the U.S. In April 2021, the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance…


How to Protect Your Data Centre in Extreme Weather

As the world experiences scorching summer weather, it’s crucial to ensure your data centre is safeguarded. Plans and actions must be put in place so everything can run safely and smoothly. Due to environmental issues extreme hot weather is becoming more frequent and can create prolonged disastrous effects on any business. Adverse environmental conditions can…

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Cross Guard’s High Strength Security Rated Cages Certified by the LPCB

Extendor security cages for storage of high-value assets are world-renowned manufactured to Secure by Design standards and certified by the LPCB. The Vulcan security cage is LPCB certified to LPS 1175 SR2 while the Eclipse security cage is LPCB certified to LPS 1175 SR3 the only security cage to attain this certification, making it the…


Cross-Guard is creating energy-efficient Data Centres

At Cross-Guard, we understand the need for data centres to reduce energy consumption. Our solargenic hot and cold aisle containment systems ensure guaranteed cost and energy savings for our clients. Our system not only helps cut costs but also offers additional benefits such as improved PUE, lower carbon emissions, and reduced hot spots. Aisle containment…


Why Data Centres Are A Favourite To Shift To Renewable Energy

Every time you access the internet, you are linked to one of the numerous servers spread out in various data centres worldwide. Data Centres require huge amounts of power supply and are a huge source of energy consumption. To understand the huge growth it’s essential to discuss statistics and the significant increase in data centres…

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Equinix opens rooftop farm growing data centre powered fruit and vegetables

Last month Equinix revealed a new rooftop farm on one of its data centres in France, Paris. RBA Architects designed and completed the ground-breaking design and technology. The farm is making use of wasted data centre energy to power itself. The main goal of the project is to promote the sustainable use of data centres…

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Louvre security cages for data centres

Cross-Guard’s bespoke louvre caging systems are becoming widely adapted within the Data Centre and IT sectors. These bespoke cages feature exceptional airflow compared to other security cages available on the market and a design that ensures no visibility of cage contents from the outside. Combined with high strength and flexibility, louvre cages are proven to…

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Cross-Guard’s Solargenic Hot Aisle Containment

Cross-Guard’s Solargenic hot aisle containment systems guarantee cost and energy savings. Hot aisle containment systems are bespoke designed and manufactured to your needs to fit any server cabinets and enhance your data centre’s appearance. Cross-Guard’s hot aisle containment system provides clients with numerous benefits including: ~ Cost-effectiveness ~ Improved Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ~ Lower…

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Our business trip to Oman

Cross-Guard prides itself on being the global data centre provider of choice. We have recently completed a project in Oman to maintain our goal of being a global data centre provider. The survey was conducted for one of our clients who specialise in IT domain, LV cables, outdoor plant products, custom data solutions, telecom and…