Fuelling the need for security

The need for security can apply across a variety of different industries. From domestic security for your home to securing high-risk government environments, Cross-Guard has helped many clients protect valuable items.

Specialising in the security of servers and IT equipment, the company has taken on quite a few bespoke projects to develop products outside the standard range over the years. The Cross-Guard team care about providing high levels of service and meeting client requirements wherever possible.

One bespoke project the Cross-Guard team undertook was to design and manufacture a panel to help secure a diesel tank. The client had already secured the diesel tank within a cabinet and Cross-Guard supplied the lockable front for this in order to restrict access to fuel.

If you require a bespoke steel solution, you can always get in touch to see if we can help you. Give us a call on 020 8108 9328 or email sales@cross-guard.com.


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