Coming soon: dedicated cold aisle website

Introducing our new cold aisle website

We’re well into the year and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to update the brand and our digital presence! You may already be aware of the changes we made to our existing website. All these modifications were applied with the goal of making a smoother, easier online journey for our clients. Today, we’re delighted to reveal the upcoming launch of a sub-website for our cold aisle containment product.

We set out with the goal of creating a dedicated cold aisle resource to ensure clients received further information on how cold aisle systems work, the components and specifications of cold aisle systems, and why Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment is a leading solution when compared to other competitive products.

Working with our website partner Skyline Internet, we’ve been reviewing common industry queries to create engaging and relevant content. We’ve also reduced the number of website clicks to find the details you need, and we’ve implemented page skipping functionality so you can click to access the part of the page you require.

The new cold aisle website will launch shortly, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on our social channels the next couple of weeks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Alongside the launch, we’ll be sharing more exciting news. Following an internal competition, we’ve established brand names for our hot and cold aisle systems. More details to come!


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