Cross-Guard’s Coolgenic Cold Aisle Containment: Everything you need to know

Coolgenic cold aisle containment is a leading containment system designed and manufactured solely by Cross-Guard to aid server cooling within the Data Centre and IT industries. Available in high-quality steel and aluminium and a range of different colours, the system is created bespoke to your requirements. It consists of doors, a roof and infill panels if needed.

What is a cold aisle containment system?

Cold aisle containment systems are designed for server and network cabinets, and other computing equipment in data centres, IT server rooms, or office environments to maximise cooling predictability, capacity and efficiency. Containment systems restrict the loss of cold air and prevent the mixing of cold and hot air (generated from server exhausts) within data aisles.

By limiting the loss of cold air generated by your air conditioning unit (ACU), and preventing hot and cold air from mixing, cold aisle containment systems keep servers and important IT equipment operating at safe, ambient temperatures without the need to work your ACU harder to cool the data aisle.

Components of a cold aisle containment system

A cold aisle containment system isolates hot and cold aisles from each other by using doors and a roof to form a pod around the cold aisle. Infill panels can be used to fill in any space, ensuring a full seal for the enclosure.

  • Cold aisle containment doors- They are used to seal the data cold aisle in combination with a cold aisle containment rood. There are different cold aisle containment door options from secure Connexions doors to bi-sliding, easy-access cold aisle doors.
  • Cold aisle containment roofs- Roof options are varied depending on whether you wish to set up fire impression within the cold aisle enclosure, or whether you’d like the cold aisle containment system to integrate with your current fire suppression set-up. Fixed panel roofs are easy to maintain but may require modification of your existing fire impression system, whereas options such as collapsible roofs and shrinkable panels collapse when dangerous temperatures are reached, allowing liquid or gas suppressions from your existing system to enter the cold aisle.
  • Infill Panels- They’re manufactured to blend in with the rest of your cold aisle containment system. Panels are used to fill in any gaps, ensuring a tight seal around your cold aisle. They are powder-coated in the same colour as the rest of your cold aisle enclosure to ensure a professional finish.

Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment systems provide clients with numerous benefits including:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Improved Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
  • Extended IT equipment life
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Reduced hot spots
  • Favourable return on investment (ROI)
  • Reduced carbon footprint

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