Changes to Cross-Guard’s website

Just in time for summer, we’ve made some exciting changes to our existing website to freshen up the brand and to make it more user-friendly. As the company continues to grow, we continue to build the Cross-Guard brand, ensuring we maintain a consistent image.

We’re extremely pleased with the changes made by our website partner Skyline Internet. You can read our summary below to find out what’s different.

Cleaner, fresher, more on brand

We’ve changed our colours and fonts to match with our new brand guidelines, making the website bolder and increasingly visual with elements laid out more proportionately on the page. The carousel has been changed to look cleaner and to make it easier to distinguish both product and text.

Carousel previously on the website
Re-designed website carousel

The ‘about us’ section now includes our mission, vision and values to give you more of a sense of what it’s like to do business with us! In addition, our live twitter feed on this page keeps you updated with our recent news.

Improved visibility

Another reason we changed the colour of our text is to improve visibility as the older text was very faint. We’ve put more thought into the colours and fonts we use with bolder buttons and easily identifiable links to allow you to get in touch. We have started incorporating more video with an aim to grow our presence on YouTube – subscribe here if you’d like to be the first to see our new launches.

Compare this text example from the old website with the darker colour in this blog post. Easier to read, right?

Improved accessibility

As a global leader in providing security and data cooling solutions, we want to ensure our website is easily accessible for other language users. We have added a new Google Translate function as an interim measure to accommodate further languages. Although not always 100% accurate, this is a helpful step forward as we look at eventually providing official translations in the future.

It’s also easier to get in touch with us. We’ve launched an online chat functionality, combined with clickable links, visible phone number reminders and a step-by-step form to access our best prices (very quick and straightforward to fill in). Our pop-out sub-menu gives you quicker access to any pages you need within the website.

When on products and services pages, click the left-hand side arrow to expand our sub-menu

With a dedicated case study page, we’ve made it easier for you to browse through our previous projects. We’ve also added a ‘join our team’ page where we’ll be adding employee videos to give you a taste of life at Cross-Guard.

We hope our website changes improve your overall experience and we welcome any feedback. If you’d like to know more, you can always email


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