Cross-Guard’s journey so far

Cross-Guard’s Scunthorpe office

As an expanding company, Cross-Guard continues to adapt to market demands. This year to date, over £300,000 has been invested in new machinery for the benefit of customers. The latest addition to the factory is a new Trumpf machine, which is responsible for creating the different size/shape holes found in IT server security cages.

Jamie Mathews, Production Director, said: “The new machine forms part of our disaster recovery plan, ensuring there are no operational delays and enabling us to cope with growing demand.

“There will be a lot more changes to come. Production space has already increased by 8,500ft and we’re planning further renovations to our premises to reflect our forward-thinking, innovative brand.

“We’re working towards creating an environment which is even more efficient meaning faster product turn-around for our customers. Using lean management principles, we’ll minimise movement of product and material.

“In the upcoming months, employees will receive lean management training and will be involved in helping us to continually improve our processes. There is always something we can learn to deliver the best service possible.

“We’ll continue to share the positive news with our customers, employees and stakeholders as we establish Cross-Guard as a leading global supplier of data centre security and cooling solutions.”

During its continued expansion, Cross-Guard has taken on a number of employees, also offering apprentice schemes with a keen focus on learning and development to bring new talent to the business. The company focuses on creating a sustainable future to deliver only products of the highest quality to all customers.

If you’d like to know more about Cross-Guard’s planned developments, or to enquire about its range of server security and cooling solutions, call 02081 089 328 or email


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