Cross-Guard going the extra mile

As the global data centre provider of choice our international clientele take us to many places. This year has seen our survey and installation teams venture from the UK to several countries across the globe including France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Finland, Poland and the UAE, just to name a few. Being able to provide our specialist services, no matter the location has enabled us to travel a whopping 20,958 miles so far this year, offering data centre solutions to suit all of our client’s needs.

Continuous investments

Investing in our ever-expanding fleet and installation team has allowed us to provide your data centre solutions to even the most remote locations. Our ever-growing fleet is diverse to suit, with both large and smaller vehicles ready to hit the road and matched with our committed workforce willing to go the extra mile.

Our future

Continuous improvement will remain the cornerstone of our business, whether it be from the investments in our products and service or the ongoing expansion of our factory and team. We are continuously striving to be the leading manufacturer of data centres, IT and security solutions.

What makes us unique

We specialise in cold aisle containmenthot aisle containmentmodular cagingVentilated server safes, and the physical security of cash and valuables in transit (CVIT), and to top it all off we also have a dedicated team manufacturing security grilles, bars and cages to the domestic and commercial markets. All our products are bespoke to suit your specific needs and can be delivered directly or be installed by our team of specialist installers.

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