Engineers of the Future

Engineers of the Future…..
In the past two years the Cross-Guard Installation Team has doubled in size. Due to this growth period we made the decision to train and develop young people from our local communities to be the Senior Engineers of tomorrow rather than employ seasoned professionals for every role.

We have taken on young men from Havering College through the government Apprenticeship Scheme and others for general Trainee positions. There are many advantages to using the Apprenticeship scheme; There is funding available which pays for up to 100% of the applicants learning, it is a great way of introducing fresh ideas to the team and there is evidence to suggest that Apprentices are very loyal to the company they are given an opportunity with. As well as being released to attend Engineering courses at Havering College our apprentices are in constant training, learning how to install our various products from Ventis Server Safes, to Connexions Cages to Cold Aisle Containment. As well as learning the engineering skills required to build and install our products to our clients specifications the Trainees need to learn the practices, values and principles of working in a data centre environment, it is this knowledge and understanding that leaves our clients comfortable and confident to instruct us to work in the most sensitive locations which require a perfect working etiquette.

Our installation team are known for their professionalism and excellent engineering skills so our young Trainees and Apprentices have a lot to live up to but with a supportive team around them we are confident each of them will develop long term careers within the company.


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