Update on the new Flextraction welding bays

Following on from the previous article we shared, the team at Cross-Guard have teamed up with Wally and Ryan from Flextraction to trial new state-of-the-art welding bays. The new welding bays will use leading extraction technology to remove harmful welding emissions and a downflow booth will generate a clean flow of air to supress fumes away from the operator.

Extraction technology in action supressing harmful welding fumes

Jamie Mathews, Production Director, said: “We visited Flextraction’s premises at the end of March to see a working prototype of the extraction technology.

“It was great to see it in action and I’m sure many companies will benefit from using the technology to combat harmful welding fumes within their place of work.

“We’re pleased to be contributing our panels for the welding bays and we look forward to implementing the solution at our premises.”

As a responsible employer, health and safety is a key focus for Cross-Guard. Implementation of the welding bays aligns with the company’s overall aim to maintain employee safety and wellbeing.  

The bays also form part of Cross-Guard’s continuous improvement plan for the business. This year to date, the company has invested over £300,000 in new machinery to benefit customers and employees. Production space has already increased by 8,500ft and offices will be undergoing renovation and branding changes.


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