How data and automation can help with sustainability

The entire world is in the mindset of a digital transformation, which has drastically changed daily operations for many industries. The development of new technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have made significant changes allowing company leaders to operate more efficiently than ever. Here are 3 steps on how data and automation can help with sustainability.

Automation is helping organisations reach their ESG objectives. Companies are responding to the employee, consumer and investor sentiments, by being more responsible in how they operate their business. Organisations are aligning profit with purpose goals while increasing investments in their environments, and social and governance (ESG) performance. To speed up the goals with automation companies should identify their goals relating to suitability, tweak processes to support ESG goals and gain related data to expand further in their ESG goals.

Automation aids to speed up green initiatives. Companies all over the world are responsible for their waste and it is their duty to reduce and control waste. RPA can speed up the process through innovation and enhanced efficiencies and will result in the company reaching its suitability goals. RPS can be easily deployed to streamline auditing procedures, collection of data from systems, support the data management and the possibility to track and report progress against targets such as carbon emissions.

Lastly, automation solutions can reduce carbon footprints by process mining. Process mining allows the software to gain data about the occurrence in a process and transform the data into visual workflows. This allows organisations to view where bottlenecks can be streamlined, and what waste can be eliminated. Organisations can also reduce their carbon footprints by decreasing computing energy, reducing printing and digitalising purchase orders and invoice processes.

By companies adapting to these goals, they can speed up the process of suitability and contribute to a greener planet.


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