How Data Centres are taking on the Green Challenge

Data Centres are relatively new entrants and are continuing to expand and improve their use of renewable energy. Experts around the world have agreed that today’s data centre industry is making huge steps towards achieving higher levels of sustainability. With the rising demand for digital platforms, and services and with governments around the world setting ambitious net zero carbon goals, the push to make data centres greener is increasing. According to figures from the International Energy Agency, from 2010 to 2020, the number of internet users worldwide has doubled and global internet traffic has expanded 15-fold. The announcement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference introduced a variety of global initiatives to address climate change and climate risk.

Many organizations aim to have net-zero emissions by the year 2050, which requires many companies to adapt and design new data centre improvements. Organisations hoping to improve their environmental sustainability should consider conserving energy by using air containment and liquid cooling. Investing in sustainable computer processing hardware, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and cooling systems. Implementing high-efficiency power and cooling infrastructures, such as transform less, modular UPSes, higher-voltage equipment or full immersion cooling.

New investors that are expanding further are pushing the needle on sustainability. They’re expanding the sectors while introducing new green ambitions. A new supply of data centres will be added to Europe’s main markets including Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin increasing the total market size by 21 per cent. Data4 provides an example of an expanding sustainable development policy. Data4 group’s reason for being is to ‘Sustainably develop data centre campuses to guarantee secure, always-online access to digital data for both businesses and wider society’. They’re optimising their carbon footprint and limiting environmental impacts on their data centres. While supporting the Paris Agreement, SBTI, Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact and Planet Tech Care.

A recent survey of 825 multi-tenant operations by S&P found that 43 percent said that they do have sustainability initiatives in place. Data Centre providers, such as Yondr, are setting a target of 50 percent to reduce carbon emissions from Data Centres by 2025 and use 100 percent renewable energy. The company has announced a $2 billion expansion in the U.S. Data Centre companies need to develop new ways to provide sustainable products to obey laws and create a sustainable future. Data Centres and new advancements in technology are products that will develop further and will be our future, it is key to protect our planet while creating new advancements.


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