Macintosh Computer Day- January 24, 2023

Technology has been a catalyst that has changed the entire world over the past half-century. Computers originally started out the size of a house and could only do basic mathematics. Today people carry around little computers with endless capabilities at the touch of a button and it is estimated that 6.6 billion people worldwide own their own smartphone.

Macintosh Computer Day is here to acknowledge and celebrate the impact that technology, particularly from the world of Mac and Apple, has made a difference in our lives.

History of Macintosh Computer Day

Celebrating the anniversary of the day that the first Macintosh computer was introduced to the world in 1984, Macintosh Computer Day is the observance of everything that Apple lovers want and stand for!

Starting as the first Apple Computer 1, an 8-bit desktop computer was built in 1976 and was quickly replaced the following year by the Apple II. It wasn’t for another few years that the Apple founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, would finally create the Macintosh. It was first advertised to the world during a commercial break at the 1984 Super Bowl, in an ad that was directed by the famous movie director, Ridley Scott.

How to celebrate Macintosh Computer Day

On Macintosh computer day, we celebrate the innovation, skill, and can-do spirit that have shaped the future of computing. We take note of Apple’s history. Back in 1984, its creators with the leadership of Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh computer, known today as Apple or Mac to the world that would never be the same.


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