Meta expands with the biggest data centre in the Netherlands

Meta, better known by its former name of Facebook, received approval last month to build the biggest data centre in the Netherlands, adding to their existing 15 data centres worldwide. 

A global spread

The majority of Meta’s data centres are currently in the USA, with Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Sweden and Singapore each playing host to one Meta data centre each. However, with Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users continuing to grow in number, more data centres are essential. 

The latest addition

Meta’s upcoming data centre in Zeewolde, less than an hour’s drive away from Amsterdam, will cover over 400 hectares of farmland and use a staggering 1.38GWh of electricity. Thankfully, it will be powered by green energy in line with Meta’s commitment to powering its global operations with 100% renewable energy. 

The Zeewolde data centre will also create 400 permanent jobs, giving the local economy of this small town a significant boost. It will provide much-needed capacity for data services, in light of the neighbouring city of Amsterdam having reached its maximum capacity for data centres — regional authorities have banned further data centres in Amsterdam due to strains on the electrical grid. 

The Zeewolde data centre is therefore the latest solution to meeting the demands of customers using data-hungry services. 

Our solutions

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