Nomophobia: do you suffer from IT?

Another #TechTuesday question explained

Our social media channels are full of weekly #TechTuesday tech quiz questions for our followers to enjoy. Since we primarily serve the IT and Data Centre sector, we like to share questions, information and interesting facts regarding technology. One of the recent questions we asked was what ‘nomophobia’ referred to. A surprisingly common phobia, the term nomophobia was coined in 2008.

Nomophobia: what is it?

When broken down and expanded into its constituent parts, the term ‘nomophobia’ stands for ‘no mobile phobia.’ As this suggests, nomophobia is then the paralysing fear of being apart from one’s mobile phone, or being unable to use the phone for some reason ie. low battery life, no signal, lack of minutes of technical faults. In fact, recorded symptoms can be extreme, including panic attacks, dizziness, trembling, sweating and chest pain.

Reliance on computing and IT equipment: the modern era

Reliance on technology continues to increase with people bringing smart devices into their homes such as Alexa. Our mobile phones especially provide multiple uses. Not only can we use them to feel connected and reach out to friends, colleagues and family, but we also use them for calculations, web browsing, satellite navigation and much more. It’s therefore not surprising that nomophobia is affecting some people.

As technology reliance increases, it appears that nomophobia also rises with people taking their phone everywhere, even to the shower. It has been found that the phobia is being identified more in the younger generation with the average adolescent even suggesting they would rather lose a pinky-finger than their phone (psychology today, 2014).

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