Data Centre used to heat up a 25-metre swimming pool to cut energy bills

Exmouth Leisure Centre’s 25-metre swimming pool is now heated by an on-site data centre run by Deep Green. The data centre has been described as washing machine-sized and is contributing to huge savings in leisure centres’ energy bills. The leisure centre has reported that their bills have been cut by at least £1,000 a month, contributing to a huge amount of £12,000 yearly.

The leisure centre effectively gets free heating in exchange for providing a place to house Deep Green’s data centre equipment. The brains of the data centre are submerged in mineral oil, which captures the heat from the processors and minimises the amount lost to the air. This heat is then transferred to the swimming pool through a heat exchanger.

Seven swimming pools are on the list to work with Deep Green, and it suggests these “digital furnaces” could also be used in distilleries, bakeries, laundrettes and blocks of flats.

“Deep Green’s innovative technology will dramatically reduce our energy bills and carbon footprint, meaning we will continue to be a key asset for the local community. We are already seeing the benefit.  I’m certain this will transform leisure centres up and down the country for the better,” said Peter Gilpin, CEO of LED Community Leisure, which runs Exmouth Leisure Centre.

The use of data centres tied to swimming pools may just be the start of new ways to harness what would typically be considered waste heat and create cheaper heating alternatives which will help families and businesses.


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