Intel has announced that their new data centre chip will increase efficiency by more than double

Intel predicts the upcoming Sierra Forest chip will provide 240% efficiency in data centres.

Sierra Forest is expected to arrive next year and will have 240 per cent better performance per watt than its current generation of data centre chip which is a part of a broader industry push to lower electricity consumption.

Data Centres, which power the internet and online services, are massive consumers of electricity. Technology companies have been facing increasing demand for higher efficiency from their products. In 2022, Intel announced it was committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

According to a Reuters report on August 28th, Intel announced that its upcoming Sierra Forrest chip will be 240% more efficient per watt than its current generation of data centre chips. This is the first time the company has shared information on its efficiency figures.

The company is splitting its data centre chips into two categories. A ”Granite Rapids” chip that will focus on performance but consume more power, and the more efficient ”Sierra Forest” chip. The company announced that Granite Rapids will use the same Intel 3 manufacturing process as Sierra Forest, with release following shortly after.


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