Sustainable Solutions: Google’s Ongoing Commitment to Green Energy in Arizona

Google is prioritising sustainability by launching an eight-year clean energy pact in Arizona to support the local needs close to its data centre. After launching its first data centre in Mesa, Arizona, Google has announced an energy supply agreement with the Salt River Project.

Google has announced plans to support the creation of over 430 megawatts of new carbon-free energy capacity in Arizona. The aim is to help the state reach at least 80% carbon-free energy on an hourly basis by 2026, according to Google’s projections. This announcement comes after the tech giant also revealed its plans to expand its data centre presence worldwide.

Google has recently entered into a new agreement that coincides with the upcoming launch of its Mesa Data Centre. The centre is expected to be operational by 2025. As part of this agreement, Google will be working towards bringing wind and solar energy to the local electricity grid in Arizona. Additionally, the company will be supporting local programmes to plant more trees and provide increased educational opportunities to the community.

Google has decided to use air-cooling technology instead of liquid cooling in their new data centre. This change has been made due to concerns about the local water source and its risk of depletion and scarcity. The company has also reached an agreement with NextEra Energy Resources to use a combination of wind power, solar energy and battery storage from three facilities on SRP’s power grid.

Google has made its sustainability efforts regarding its data centres very clear. In 2020, the company set a goal to ensure that all its sites will operate on 24/7 carbon-free energy by 2030 on every grid where it operates.


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