The Importance of Physical Security for Your Data Centre

As a data centre, it is crucial to ensure the protection of customer data. Therefore, data centres have a responsibility to secure the data centre. In addition to safeguarding against threats, they also need to physically protect the infrastructure.

Although cybersecurity is a major concern for data centres, physical intrusion and unauthorised access also pose a significant threat. This is true for both large-scale data centres and smaller businesses that operate their own data centres. Data theft or damage can cause serious disruptions in service levels.

With security threats to high-profile data centres always evolving, Cross-Guard offers a leading security cage solution to help you segment data centre space while protecting your data centre from risks of theft and terrorism.

Most data centre buildings and server rooms do not have many entry points, however reducing the chances of unfortunate events is key.

Here at Cross-Guard we understand the potential threats and offer our clients many solutions to not only segment data centre space, but protect their data centres from risks of theft and terrorism.

We offer a few different options for our clients and one of our leading options is the Connexions Modular Caging System.

1. Our connexions system helps you segment data centre space while protecting your data centre from risks of theft and terrorism. Connexions caging system is a modular server cage and partitioning system used for creating secure areas and demarcation for the storage of servers and computer equipment.

2. Our Louvre security cages offer exceptional airflow compared to security cages available on the market. The design ensures that there’s no visibility of cage contents from the outside. As there are no punched holes in louvre security cages or visible gaps, louvre cages facilitate high airflow while also preventing rain from getting inside the cage. These secure cages function well in all-weather environments, keeping contents dry and protected if installed outdoors.

3. If a light, strong design is required our wire mesh security cages would be the perfect option. This design offers greater airflow which is ideal for data centres and IT environments where servers are at risk of overheating.

As an example of how wire mesh can improve airflow, let’s take an existing client who replaced a non-mesh security panel, which helped improve airflow in the overall data centre by 11.2%!

4. For certified security, we offer certified extendor security caging manufactured to Secured by Design standards and certified by the LPCB. Our extendor security cages are the only ones that have attained this certification, making them the world’s strongest. We also offer Vulcan and Eclipse cages. Our extendor security cages are proven to resist a variety of tools, and the Vulcan and Eclipse grilles from which they are constructed are bomb blast tested, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

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