The UK government is putting forward new regulations for data centre security

The UK government has recently put forward new regulations to enhance security measures for data centres operating in the UK. These new regulations have been designed to safeguard data centre facilities from potential disruptions, such as cyber-attacks, physical threats, and extreme weather conditions.

A new set of laws to better protect the nation’s data would ”make minimum requirements mandatory to ensure data centre operations are taking appropriate steps to boost their security and resilience”

The government states that this action will additionally safeguard businesses and services dependent on data centres from any disruptions, thereby minimizing the chances of any incidents that could potentially hinder or jeopardize their access to crucial data. The government’s view is that the proposed changes will ultimately help safeguard UK national security, making it more attractive to potential tech investors.

A new regulatory function is also being considered. Its purpose is to ensure that data centre service providers report incidents and work together with the sector to test and guarantee risk reduction against thefts.

Furthermore, this initiative aims to enhance transparency and cooperation between industry and the Government. This is so risks to the UK can be appropriately identified and addressed. 

The proposed plans will also ensure businesses are operating in line with the greater national interest. As a result, the Government is also considering dedicating parts of the data centre sector as critical national infrastructure.


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