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In the modern age where data is king, most business are aware and operate comprehensive back-up systems but what about the physical equipment on which it all operates and how is this protected? Even if data is stored and backed up in 3 different locations what would happen to a business if its servers were stolen or damaged? Realistically it is unlikely that many modern organisations would survive until replacements were located and installed.

Servers should be part of any business’s security provision but it is not sufficient to simply lock servers away – strength and security are vital but so too are ventilation and ease of access. This is why a Ventis Server Safe is the ultimate in server security. Manufactured by Bradbury Security on behalf of specialist IT division, Cross-Guard, The Ventis Server Safe is the strongest self-ventilating server safe available in the UK and possibly the world. So what makes an ideal server safe? Firstly strength, steel is definitely the preferred material with a thickness of 3-4mm preferred. Secondly ventilation, if this is not sufficient the server with stop working and ultimately become a fire hazard. Natural ventilation is preferable as added air conditioning is costly and does nothing for a business’s environmental credentials. Other factors also come into play for example there is no point having 4mm thick steel with a flimsy lock or hinges – these must be fit for purpose. A lockable door is required so that access can be restricted to authorised personnel only.

Racking or shelving is also important. Most computer equipment fits on to what is termed 19” rack mounted angles. These should be built in to the server safe and if so will make it much easier to fill the safe to capacity whilst retaining easy access for maintenance work. The contents of a server safe will vary from organisation to organisation but weight can be an issue and should be considered. The biggest server safes on the market can weigh in at around half a tonne before equipment is added. Although this shouldn’t be a problem it is worth checking out the integrity of the flooring if an upstairs location is proposed and if in doubt switching to a ground floor site.

For insurance purposes or perhaps just peace of mind it is also worth considering a server safe that has been third party tested and certified. The recognised standard is Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) certification to LPS1214 Security Rating 3. Server safes are also available with Secured by Design Police Preferred accreditation – although this is based on LPCB testing.

So why is the Ventis the Rolls Royce of Server Safes? Put simply it provides the highest level of security with maximum free airspace (up to 60%). There is also a range of sizes and price options available to suit all requirements and budgets. This is why the Ventis is a popular choice with UK government departments such as the Ministry of Defence, the tax collecting service (HMRC) and the Home Office. Bradbury was delighted to have been selected as the supplier and installer of server safes to the London 2012 Olympics across multiple venues and locations. When Usain Bolt crossed the finishing line in the Mens 100m Final his time will have been recorded by a server protected by a Ventis Server Safe! But server safes are not just the domain of Government Departments and high security clients with big budgets. Cost need not be prohibitive and increasingly ordinary businesses are choosing server safes to protect high value equipment or sensitive data.


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