A little bit out of the ordinary with Bitcoin!

As a manufacturer of bespoke steel products, Cross-Guard doesn’t just offer its standard product range, the company has also made custom products on client request. The team at Cross-Guard are always happy to take on a challenge to see how they can help clients looking for something a bit different.

Cross-Guard’s flexibility in creating bespoke steel solutions

A good example of Cross-Guard’s flexibility in approach to product manufacture is the Bitcoin project the company was involved in. The Cross-Guard team created a rack mounting plate for Bitcoin machines mining Bitcoin. This steel plate, bolted to the side of a cabinet, was used for putting equipment in.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be used as payment for products and services. It is stored within a virtual wallet as a computer file. You can open a payment in your wallet and confirm everything is correct to issue the payment.

What is a Bitcoin mining machine?

Mining machines are very powerful and expensive machines that exist to solve mathematical problems to produce new Bitcoin and to take advantages of the benefits of the currency. Unfortunately, it can be the case that the cost of investing in such powerful technology often outweighs the value of the total amount of Bitcoin received.

Do you require a custom steel solution?

If you require a bespoke steel product and want to know if it’s something we’d be able to accommodate, give us a call on 020 8108 9328.


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