A solution to dye for

The team at Cross-Guard are always happy to take on something a little different! One of the most interesting projects in which the company was involved was installing components into certain cash machines to protect anti-theft dye within the machines. Due to the sensitive nature of the project, we are unable to detail much information.

Crimes involving cash machines are particularly prevalent in rural areas according to the BBC, potentially due to police forces being stretched by the larger areas they need to cover. This affords criminals valuable time for their hit and run.

Unfortunately, this type of theft not only affects the economy and the banks/commercial units involved, but it also means there are fewer cash machines available to locals. In most cases, damaged cash machines are not replaced due to costs and fears they may be targeted again.

That’s why it’s important to reduce this type of crime by implementing security measures that make it harder to steal cash or to render cash as worthless once stolen. The team at Cross-Guard are pleased to be involved with this project. If you’re interested in a similar bespoke solution, give us a ring on: 020 8108 9328.


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