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With over 20 years of experience delivering security solutions to the market, Cross-Guard designs and manufactures products that clients can put their trust in. Part of the company’s product portfolio is the robust, heavy-duty Safestor tooling security cabinet, originally developed for a leading client within the telecommunications sector to help eliminate risk of theft. The client in question now requires every new store opened to contain a Safestor security cabinet.

#BoltYourTools is a new campaign launched by Cross-Guard in a bid to raise awareness of tool theft crime rates and to help take action against criminals by stopping them in their tracks. The campaign aims to encourage good security practices, highlighting how Safestor tooling and equipment cabinets can help with the safe storage, organisation, and security of high-value items. Safestor tool security cabinet is versatile and can be used for a range of small and medium sized tooling and equipment – the secure cabinet can be built to client sizing specifications, including shelving.

Tooling and equipment theft: the risks

An article released towards the latter end of 2019 by Simply Business suggests we could be heading for a crisis as far as tool theft goes. In Yorkshire alone, over £830,000 worth of tooling was stolen within 12 months, highlighting the severity of tool theft. In fact, within the building trade, research has been conducted to suggest tool theft affects 8 in 10 builders.

While many may take the sensible decision to remove tooling from work vans and keep the items indoors – either in the house or in an area of the garage – there is still the risk of theft as thieves will know exactly how much value these tools can bring and anticipate a high reward. They may also know you have tooling if they can see you have a work van parked on your drive and may have observed you removing it. It’s important to remember that while some burglaries are spontaneous, others involve planned targets.

This is why Safestor tool security cabinet is the ideal solution for you, whatever trade you’re in. Keep your business going without worrying about theft, hefty insurance premiums or loss of trade. By significantly increasing time required to commit theft, the secure tool cabinet won’t let you down.

Why #BoltYourTech with Safestor security cabinet?

We recognise there are many other tool storage or tool security cabinets available on the market, but not all of them are designed specifically with the security of tooling in mind, and not all of them will provide the same level or unrivalled strength.

Safestor tool cabinets are made with 3mm thick steel to ensure heavy-duty security with proven attack resistance. The Safestor tooling security cabinet is therefore a lot stronger than competitive products, constructed to deliver only the best security for your tools and equipment.

Another core advantage of the Safestor tooling security cabinet is the locking mechanism or, rather, multiple locking mechanisms. The Safestor tool cabinet contains 3 deadlocks, rather than relying on a single locking mechanism, increasing the difficulty level of trying to breach the security cabinet through attack using a variety of tools. Safestor tooling security cabinet is a market-leading dedicated to the sole purpose of protecting tools and other trade equipment.

In addition to providing unrivalled strength and quality, the Safestor tool security cabinet is also flexible and adaptable to needs. You can add a variety of shelving options and cable entry holes can be added if you need to get wires through to charge any power tools while you’re securing them. Installation of Safestor tooling cabinets is possible in even tight spaces with varying sizes and constructions of security cabinets available.


Other security products designed and manufactured by Cross-Guard

As a leading security and aisle containment manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, Cross-Guard does have a wide portfolio of other security products, namely, security caging. While security cages are primarily developed for the security of servers and IT equipment, they can be adapted to your needs. For the highest levels of security, we even offer certified security cages.

To find out more about Safestor tool security cabinet, or any of our other security products, please give us a ring on +44 (0)20 8108 9328 or email sales@cross-guard.com.


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