Energy savings for Cyber Monday: getting the most with cold aisle systems

Cyber Monday is the next highly anticipated day compared to Black Friday with people looking at what savings they can make on technology. However, there are many ways you can save throughout the year, even if some are not necessarily obvious. This post diverges away from savings on technology and looks at savings you can make when getting the most out of technology cooling solutions for servers and other IT equipment, using cold aisle containment systems.

Lowering energy consumption for server cooling

Server room cooling costs are rising even with the most modern cooling technologies. In addition, there are increasing pressures on data centers to lower their server energy consumption. One way to make savings on server cooling is to use airflow management techniques, implementing an aisle containment system.

What is a cold aisle containment system for airflow management?

A cold aisle containment system involves modifying a data center layout so server cabinets are set up with hot air exhausts all pointing outside the aisle. An aisle containment system is then built around the cabinets to seal in cold air generated from your server cooling system, and to stop hot air getting into the aisle to increase temperatures, making your cooling more effective and less costly.

Cold aisle containment enclosure with bi-sliding doors

How much can you save with a cold aisle containment system?

The return on investment generated from cold aisle containment systems is significant. Digital Realty, one of Cross-Guard’s clients, tested energy efficiency before and after installation of a cold aisle system to find savings would be more than £188,500 per year. Savings are generated on an individual basis dependent upon numerous factors such as the size of the data center, the cooling system currently implemented etc. However, when you think about it, a cold aisle containment system can pay for itself in less than a year.

Lower your server room cooling costs with a cold aisle containment system

Cross-Guard’s team of experts are on hand to help you design and implement a cold aisle system that suits your data center. We understand data center containment is not always a simple process as there may be obstacles in the way of creating a cold aisle enclosure such as overhead services. Cross-Guard’s cold aisle containment systems are bespoke-made and our specialist installers are able to easily solve and overcome these challenges.

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Aluminium cold aisle

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