Secure your servers for computer security day


Did you know it’s computer security day this Saturday, 30th November? Where historically this term only applied to those few who had computers, primarily government agencies, in modern times the term applies to securing other computer devices also, such as tablets and mobile phones. When we think of computer security, the core component is keeping data secure, whether this is bank details of one individual, or a server containing bank details of many.

Secure servers: the pros

This computer security day, we’d like to remind you about the need for physical security of servers and IT equipment. Server data breaches for large data centres can be devastating, incurring high fines and reputational damage.

While a lot of focus is put on cyber security for data centres, sometimes physical server security is not given enough attention. It’s all well having the most up-to-date protection against malware, but a thief can simply decide to break into your data centre and physically steal servers. Often, thieves have some level of insider knowledge, so it’s important to make sure you enforce security within members of your team, asking them to report anything suspicious.

Server security caging for the physical security of your servers and IT equipment

Cross-Guard offers a range of server security cages from high-strength modular Connexions cages for server security to certified Extendor server security cages. The Extendor Vulcan and Eclipse security cages are certified by the LPCB as resistant to a wide range of tools, giving you peace of mind that your servers are protected to the highest standards.

Securing your server

The specialist Cross-Guard team works with you to supply a server security caging solution that suits your business. The team will conduct a survey and advise on the best method of installation, working around any obstacles such as overhead services. From manufacture to installation, the service provided is bespoke to you. Enquire this Black Friday about our server cages to obtain our best price: +44 (0)20 8108 9328,


Bespoke security and storage of mobiles, laptops, computers etc.

In addition to server security, Cross-Guard can also provide security solutions for other technological devices this computer security day. We mentioned earlier in the article that other items at risk and requiring physical security include also mobile phones, tablets etc. Ask us about Cross-Guard’s Safestor tech security cabinet and how this heavy-duty item can help secure bulk electronics.


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