It’s here: Coolgenic cold aisle containment website

We previously told you about the upcoming launch of a new, dedicated cold aisle website. What we didn’t tell you is that we’ve also been hard at work branding our cold and hot aisle containment! Our cold aisle containment systems remain the same high-quality products, but the systems now fall under the product brand ‘Coolgenic.’

There will be more information to come on the reasons behind the product brand name, chosen as part of an internal competition, and we’ll also reveal the equivalent hot aisle brand name. If you’re interested in keeping in the loop about the product branding, please subscribe to our newsletter.

For now, let’s take a look at the features of the new Cross-Guard Coolgenic cold aisle containment website.

Introducing Coolgenic cold aisle containment: A Cross-Guard sub-domain

You’ll notice when you click on ‘cold aisle containment’ under the products and services menu on our current website that you’re directed to, which is our dedicated cold aisle website. Due to the amount of different cold aisle system options, including different doors and roofs, and the bespoke nature of the product, we felt a dedicated cold aisle website offered better opportunities to provide clients with enhanced information.

An overview of the new Coolgenic site

The video header on the dedicated Coolgenic cold aisle website achieves the goal of portraying a sleek, clean system that maintains a cool server environment. It reflects the digital nature of the clients we provide to in the data centre and IT industries.

We’ve also started to add fresh imagery by using renders of CAD models so you can see more detail on the individual parts of products. The website is still a work in progress, and we’ll continue to add more models and technical specifications over time.

With a news section on this website devoted only to news on Coolgenic cold aisle containment, and clear links back to the overall website if you’re interested in other products, we hope it will be a useful resource to those who want to learn more about cold aisle containment systems in general, and the reasons why Cross-Guard’s Coolgenic cold aisle is leading the way compared to competitive products.

The final feature it’s worth highlighting is the page skipping functionality. To make it easier for visitors to navigate to the part of the Coolgenic page they’re most interested in, we’ve created structured links at the top of certain pages that can be clicked to skip to the relevant content section of a page.


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