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Cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment achieve the same goal in different ways

The team at Cross-Guard have been hard at work considering appropriate brand names for the company’s hot and cold aisle containment systems. You may already know about our new cold aisle name – Coolgenic – from when we announced our dedicated cold aisle website.

Following the launch of an internal competition to increase engagement and to get everyone involved in the important decision-making process, two winning brand names were selected, which we’re now pleased to reveal.

So, what’s in a name? Everything.

Marketing Manager Kelly said: “It was essential for us to find names which everyone could relate to. Names that covered the functionality of the cold and hot aisle containment systems, while also conveying the premium look and feel of the products and the proven impact our hot and cold aisle systems have on increasing energy efficiency.

“Another key consideration was ease of memorability for the names. We combined familiar words that achieved our aim.”

Introducing Coolgenic cold aisle containment

Our colleague Nikolas was responsible for submitting the winning cold aisle brand name: Coolgenic. When judging, we particularly liked the futuristic feeling generated by the suffix ‘genic’ close to the word ‘generational.’

By definition, the suffix ‘genic’ means causing/produced or formed from. By adding the word ‘cool,’ we can interpret the meaning of Coolgenic as somewhere along the lines of ‘formed from cool.’ The purpose of a cold aisle containment system is to lock in cold air, so this meaning is appropriate.

There are stronger words than ‘cool’ to describe the fact that cold aisle containment is there to optimise cold air flow to ensure ambient temperatures for servers. However, ‘cool’ is memorable, straightforward and an easy brand name to relate to.

Introducing Solargenic hot aisle containment

The brand name ‘Coolgenic’ helped us achieve the parallel brand name ‘Solargenic’ for our hot aisle containment system. We wanted to keep the ‘genic’ suffix for the reasons mentioned previously. However, the aim of a hot aisle containment system isn’t just to lock in hot air (segregating it away from the cold air aimed at servers), it’s also to create a pathway to vent it away, therefore avoiding excessive temperatures.

This is where the ‘solar’ part of the brand name comes in. Solar brings to mind an image of heat spiralling/spreading in the sky. Our hot aisle containment ensures heat is controlled and vented away so no damage can be caused to servers. Server rooms naturally generate vast amounts of heat.

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