2020: an overview of IT

Since it has been a difficult year for many businesses, we thought it’d be good to reflect on some of the positive aspects of 2020 from our perspective. We hope many other individuals will also be able to share some positivity and hold onto the better moments. Below are some of the key developments in our business during the year 2020 and our highlights of the year. We’re proud of our team and how they’ve continued to work hard and support the business during these tough times. We want to remind our team of what they’ve achieved.

Expansion of the Cross-Guard team

Here at Cross-Guard, we’re continually expanding and adding new talent to our team. We’ve welcomed lots of new members and have benefited from their extensive skills and experience. You can check out the story of one of our new team members online – read about the experience of Ela, who joined our Installation team.

New branded literature and quote templates

We’re always updating our brochures and relevant literature to ensure clients receive the most up-to-date information, and we also re-branded our core brochure this year to reflect our re-branded website. Our colleague Nina also worked hard to develop new client quote templates that made the quoting process more efficient. This resulted in us handling queries even quicker, and also meant our clients were receiving a more aesthetically pleasing quote template.

Direct security grilles support for trade customers

As a separate part of the business, we felt it appropriate to give our Security Grilles department a separate, dedicated website. Alongside this, we also put in place a dedicated telephone number and email to ensure more direct, one-to-one support for trade clients. This ensures queries are immediately filtered through the correct department and dealt with swiftly and personally. Our Security Grilles team are always happy to assist, providing professional and expert service and dealing with any technical queries.  

Product additions and enhancements

We continue to enhance our products to meet the needs of clients, also introducing new products. Our aluminium cold aisle is a prime example of a product that’s always evolving to look even more professional and aesthetically pleasing, giving your data centre the edge. There’s a separate article you can read dedicated to the cold aisle containment upgrades, if you wish to know more.

In addition, we added louvre caging to our product range. Louvre caging allows exceptional levels of airflow, while also preventing unauthorised persons from seeing the contents of the cage. Furthermore, louvre cages have great weather resistance, the design preventing access of rain. If you’d like to enquire about our louvre caging, give us a call on +44 (0)20 8108 9328.

Launch of the #BoltYourTools campaign

With a rise in theft for 2020, we designed a #BoltYourTools campaign with the aim of raising awareness of the consequences of tool theft and how to prevent it. Many tradesmen suffer at the hands of thieves. It’s not just the loss of expensive tools, it’s also rising insurance costs, loss of working time, and potential dissatisfaction of customers when jobs have to be re-arranged. Cross-Guard manufactures a dedicated solution to this problem: the Safestor for tools cabinet. Designed with tool safety in mind, this robust security cabinet is made from 3mm thick steel for heavy-duty security. Find out more about the Safestor for Tools cabinet.

Release of new website and brand video

Working with website partners Cardell Media, we were excited to release a brand new website and company overview video. The new website was designed to be more attractive and user friendly with easy navigation, clear text and calls to action. Have a browse around and see what you think!

Lots of #TechTuesday fun

You may notice our Social Media channels are full of #TechTuesday quiz questions, which we like to release every Tuesday. From the computer that ran on water to the meaning of nomophobia, we like to challenge our followers to answer our quiz questions. Please do scroll to our below social media banner and follow our social channels if you’d like to be involved.


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